In print: Stories in today's print and e-edition September 5

Friday, September 5, 2008

Interesting news and features published in our print edition and e-edition Friday, September 5

On page 2: Stories of local interest. James and Katy Strader, and Brian and Erin Gagnon announce their marriages. Jaime Shreiman and John Rechterman, and Clayton Vogl and Emily Burdick announce their upcoming marriages. Joshua Hundley graduates from the University of Missouri, and Julia Williams and Everett O'Donnell announce the birth of their daughter.

On page 3: Annie's Mailbox answers a letter from a woman whose son has cut her out of his life. Jimmy Wayne captures a #1 country hit. Area school menus are posted. Also the Events Calendar.

On page 4: Columnist Jim Mullen imagines how China would have reported on the Olympics, had it been hosted by the US. Argus Hamilton comments on current events.

On pages 7 and 8: The weekend's television listings.

On page 12: Traffic restriction is announced for the Blackburn Bridge. Also stories from the Associated Press, covering a possible cougar attack and the closing of Brockman's Café.

On page 13: AP stories on Jack Abramoff's trial and the refusal to prosecute AG Alberto Gonzales.

On page 14: Comics, puzzles, "Astrograph," and Dr. Gott's advice for IBS in restirement.

On page 15: Bush applauds Gustav relief and AP reporters wonder if New Orleans is worth the "cost of protection," in AP stories.

On page 16: AP stories on the upcoming VP debate and Hulshof's education plan.

On page 17: Our weekly listing of local churches.

On page 18: Pastor Charles Stephenson writes on the gift of salvation. Also AP stories on Palin's religious background and a WV inmate who is denied his religious rights.

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