New county addressing scheme approved by 9-1-1 commission

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The Saline County 9-1-1 Commission approved a new addressing scheme at its meeting Monday, Sept. 17.

Commission President John Fletcher also appointed a subcommittee to begin drafting a job description for the program's director's position.

The new addressing scheme developed by Geocomm, the consulting company hired to help the commission implement countywide enhanced 9-1-1 services, calls for renaming county roads and assigning new addresses to rural properties.

Jane Bevan of Geocomm explained that in the new system road numbering would begin at 100 in the southwest corner of the county and increase by 10 numbers each mile.

Roads running north-south will have names rather than numbers and would also begin in the southwest corner of the county with names beginning with the letter "A" and progressing alphabetically one letter each mile.

Addresses will be five-digit numbers beginning with 10,000 at the southwest corner.

Bevan said the five-digit addresses help distinguish rural addresses from city addresses.

"That way there's no confusion about whether it's in town or out," she said.

Avoiding confusion -- which can slow emergency responders -- is the main purpose of the scheme, she said.

The scheme was enthusiastically endorsed by Marshall Fire Chief John Rieves, a member of the commission.

"As a responder, I fell in love with it. It's so easy," he said.

The commission also directed Geocomm to create the road names and addresses, which the commission can then consider, revise if necessary and approve.

Following its next meeting the commission plans to begin a series of informational meetings at various locations around the county to allow public questions and suggestions about the new addressing scheme.

The next meeting will be held at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 11, at the old schoolhouse in Arrow Rock.

Rieves asked Bevan to develop a sample map that will help county residents get a better sense of what the new scheme will look like in practice.

The next big task for the commission is to begin the process of seeking a director to run the new 9-1-1 centralized dispatch center.

Rieves, commission member Joe Blodgett and Jim Bird of Arrow Rock were appointed by Fletcher to begin developing a job description prior to advertising the position. Commission members said they hope to have a director on board by the end of this year or very early next year.

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