2007 Saline County Fair/4-H club members demonstrate marksmanship at Saline County Fair Shooting Sports event

Monday, July 16, 2007
Alex Howery fires her muzzleloader rifle during the 4-H Shooting Sports event Sunday, July 15. She was one of two marksmen to enter the muzzleloader category, but she also participated in the Junior Pellet Rifle category. (Eric Crump/Democrat-News)

Coordinator Eddie Howery was pleased with the weather (warm, but with a nice breeze) and the turnout of more than 50 participants in the annual Shooting Sports event at the Saline County Fair Sunday, July 15.

Marksmen at the gun range had to contend with the sun in their eyes during the early events, but most coped well, according to Howery.

Below are results from the event provided by Linda Moenkhoff.

.22 Youth Rifle

1st, 216 points, Dylan Rogers, red ribbon.

2nd, 192 points, Drew Mizer, white ribbon.

.22 Youth Target Rifle

1st, 72 points, Dalton Griffith, white ribbon.

.22 Junior Rifle

1st, 339 points, Phillip Wattenbarger, blue ribbon.

2nd, 327 points, Danny Kiehl, blue ribbon.

3rd, 295 points, Sylvia Knox, red ribbon.

With 289 points, Matt Harris, red ribbon.

With 285 points, Dawn Gorrell, red ribbon.

With 260 points, Aaron Wright, red ribbon.

Lawton Johnson takes aim while his mother, Lori Johnson, provides assistance for him during the 4-H Shooting Sports event. (Eric Crump/Democrat-News)

With 258 points, Bobby Steffens, red ribbon.

With 223 points, Kayla Elson, red ribbon.

With 206 points, Lucas Hinnah, red ribbon.

With 201 points, Lauren Hisle, red ribbon.

With 181 points, Evan Summers, white ribbon.

With 140 points, Will Klasing, white ribbon.

.22 Junior Target Rifle

1st, 141 points, Olivia Knox, white ribbon.

Youth Pellet Rifle

1st, 278 points, Austin Boland, blue ribbon.

2nd, 46 points, Dylan Rogers, white ribbon.

Junior Pellet Rifle

1st, 159 points, Morgan Schell, red ribbon.

2nd, 114 points, Alexandra Howery, white ribbon.

Senior Pellet Rifle

1st, 128 points, Kaleigh Summers, white ribbon.

Youth BB Rifle

1st, 353 points, Kayla Kiehl, blue ribbon.

2nd, 324 points, Jared Armstrong, blue ribbon.

Alyssa Chastine retrieves arrows after a round of shooting during the archery events Sunday, July 16, at the Saline County Fair. (Eric Crump/Democrat-News)

3rd, 322 points, Payton Beeler, blue ribbon.

With 311 points, Grant Driskell, blue ribbon.

With 285 points, Ryan Overstreet, red ribbon.

With 280 points, Ethan Borgman, red ribbon.

With 261 points, Shane Bishop, red ribbon.

With 247 points, Austin Knipmeyer, red ribbon.

With 229 points, Blake Summers, red ribbon.

With 174 points, Lawton Johnson, white ribbon.

Junior BB Rifle

1st, 328 points, Jessie Gorrell, blue ribbon.

2nd, 299 points, Kayla Elson, red ribbon.

3rd, 214 points, Lucas Hinnah, red ribbon.

Junior Muzzleloading

1st, Alexandra Howery, white ribbon.

2nd, Phillip Wattenbarger, white ribbon.

Junior Pellet Air Pistol

1st, 245 points, Hope Heaper, blue ribbon.

2nd, 187 points, Bobby Steffens, red ribbon.

3rd, 180 points, Aaron Wright, red ribbon.

With 160 points, Will Klassing, red ribbon.

Senior Pellet Air Pistol

1st, 172 points, Emma Montgomery, red ribbon.

Junior Shotgun

1st, 15 points, Phillip Wattenbarger, red ribbon. Tie breaker shootout, 17 points.

2nd, 15 points, Sidney Thurman, red ribbon. Tie breaker shootout, 16 points.

Elizabeth Owen, in her first year of archery competition, was the only participant to opt for a traditional self bow rather than the popular compound bows favored by other shooters. (Eric Crump/Democrat-News)

Senior Shotgun

1st, 48 points, Jordan Snapp, blue ribbon.

2nd, 40 points, Wade Tyre, blue ribbon.

3rd, 36 points, Kevin Mullins, red ribbon.

With 30 points, Brent Boland, red ribbon.

With 29 points, Stephen Shay, white ribbon.

With 24 points, Matthew Vogelsmeier, white ribbon.

Archery Youth-Compound Bow

1st, 140 points, 2 bull's eyes, Phelecia Knox, white ribbon.

Archery Junior -Compound Bow

1st, 262 points, 16 bull's eyes, Alyssa Chastine, blue ribbon.

2nd, 260 points, 13 bull's eyes, Sidney Thurman, blue ribbon.

3rd, 256 points, 11 bull's eyes, Kevin Mullins, blue ribbon.

With 244 points, 8 bull's eyes, Blayne Vogel, blue ribbon.

With 243 points, 5 bull's eyes, Daniel Andrews, blue ribbon.

With 229 points, 7 bull's eyes, Dawn Gorrell, red ribbon.

With 228 points, 4 bull's eyes, Jessie Gorrell, red ribbon.

With 225 points, 3 bull's eyes, Olivia Knox, red ribbon.

With 220 points, 4 bull's eyes, Aaron Wright, red ribbon.

With 199 points, 4 bull's eyes, Phillip Wattenbarger, white ribbon.

With 175 points, 1 bull's eye, Kirsten Kelley, white ribbon.

With 90 points, Kyle Mullins, white ribbon.

Archery Junior-Long Bow

1st, 165 points, 2 bull's eyes, Elizabeth Owens, white ribbon.

Archery Senior-Compound Bow

1st, 232 points, 6 bull's eyes, Justine Gorrell, red ribbon.

2nd, 220 points, 4 bull's eyes, Brandon Vogel, red ribbon.

3rd, 145 points, Emma Montgomery, white ribbon.

With 122 points, Kimberly Moenkhoff, white ribbon.

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