Federal tax deadline this year shifts by 2 days

Monday, April 16, 2007

If you're planning to spend this evening doing your federal taxes and then making a mad dash to the Post Office to get the envelope postmarked minutes before midnight, you'll have to revise your plans.

In the first place, the deadline has been extended until midnight on Tuesday, April 17. In the second place, there are no local post offices which will be staying open until midnight Monday or Tuesday.

Federal taxes are always due on April 15, unless it that day falls on a weekend, and that's the case this year. But also this year, Monday is Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia, a holiday recognized by the U.S. Treasury. And that means taxpayers get one more day to plow through the piles of receipts and deductions and forms before they must file.

For those who can't meet Tuesday's midnight deadline, even with the two additional days, Form 4868 is an application for an automatic extension of time to file your return. Forms can often be picked up at local libraries, but they are available online, too, at www.irs.gov.

Filing Form 4868 only delays the filling out the regular tax forms. Taxpayers who expect to owe additional taxes will still have to send the money on Tuesday, according to government officials. Taxpayers who file electronically can use a credit card to pay the tax.

Taxpayers should make sure to checked the right boxes for filing status, included correct Social Security number(s), use the correct forms, report all income and sign and date the return, according to the IRS.

Finally, IRS officials suggest double-checking the return address on the forms. About 98,000 taxpayers did not receive $92 million in tax refunds in 2005 because they didn't give the IRS the right return address.

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