Slater council approves KCP&L energy contract/Rates slated to increase 70 percent; city will absorb half and pass half on to customers

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Slater City Council voted to accept a contract with Kansas City Power and Light (KCP&L) during their regular meeting on Tuesday, April 4.

On June 1, KCP&L will institute a rate increase for the wholesale purchase of energy by the city of Slater.

Slater officials asked for and received bids for a five-year contract with KCP&L. The company returned three options: the first option would offer a lower rate in the first year and increase in each of the final four; the second option would see an immediate increase but remain the same for the entire five-year contract; and the third option would have rates escalating each year.

The council voted unanimously to accept option two, the immediate but consistent increase.

City Administrator Gene Griffith said the plan was the best option.

"Option two saves the citizens the most money in the five year period," Griffith said.

Griffith added that he predicted most energy bills for citizens of the city would go up by $20 to $30.

Mayor Stephen Allegri said that the council did not like the increase, but it was a fact of life and almost every city in the area is dealing with the same issues.

"We worked as hard as we could to make the rate as low as we could," Allegri said, adding that the city was getting about a 70 percent increase in energy rates while only passing on about a 35 percent increase to the citizens.

Griffith said that the rate increase for the city goes into effect on June 1, but the increase will not affect Slater citizens until the billing cycle begins on June 15. Griffith said most people will notice the increase on their Aug. 1 bill.

In other business Allegri commented on the success of the inaugural Steve McQueen Day which was held in Slater on March 23-25.

"The Steve McQueen day was a tremendous success," Allegri said. "We had people here from all over the country and the world."

Allegri said that it had been decided to make Steve McQueen Day an annual event and he asked organizers to meet and set the dates for next year's festival.

In other business, the council voted to renew the Slater city employee health insurance plan with Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

Council Member Terry Jordan told the board that plans for building a Habitat for Humanity home in Slater were underway. Jordan said that organizers were in the process of looking for qualified families to move into the home. Sign-up meetings are scheduled for April 19 and 22 at the Slater Youth Center for individuals or families interested in the program.

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