Slater officials, NAACP meet to discuss profiling

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Slater Mayor Stephen Allegri reported about a meeting between local officials and a representative of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP), during the Slater City Council's regular meeting on Tuesday, March 20.

Allergri said he met with President of the Mar-Saline Branch of the NAACP Clyde Williams and Slater Police Chief Keith Wright over issues that Williams brought up at a prior Slater City Council meeting concerning the racial profiling of African-Americans in Slater. Williams attended the meeting after viewing the city's racial profiling report, which is required by all police departments in the state by the Missouri Attorney General's office.

Allegri said the three reviewed the report and Wright showed the men detailed records of each individual stop conducted by Slater police. After the meeting, all parties were satisfied with what they found.

"After review it became evident that there was no racial profiling at all," Allegri said. "In fact, Slater's number for unnecessary searches were very low."

Allegri said that Williams agreed.

"He was satisfied with what we came up with," Allegri said of Williams, "He was pretty pleased with how we stacked up."

Williams commented to the The Marshall Democrat-News by e-mail.

"Mayor Allegri and Chief Wright do not, nor will not tolerate any form of racial profiling by their officers," Williams said. "The mayor and police chief must be complimented in their efforts to demonstrate their commitment to service to the city of Slater and to dispel any resemblance of impropriety by its law enforcement agency."

In other business City Administrator Gene Griffith reported on the upcoming energy rate increase by Kansas City Power and Light (KCP&L). The rate increase, which is set for June 1, will add an estimated $25 to $30 to residential energy bills, Griffith said.

The city of Slater asked for and received bids for a five year contract with KCP&L. The company returned three options: The first option would offer a lower rate in the first year and an increase in each of the final four. The second option would be an immediate increase but remain the same for the entire five-year contract. The third option would have rates escalating each year.

The council discussed the options, noting that the second option would be the cheapest in the long run. The council agreed to study the options and get input from citizens before again discussing the issue at the next meeting.

Griffith also reported on plans for Steve McQueen Day, scheduled for the weekend of March 23-24. Griffith said that plans were in place, but organizers did not have a concrete idea of how the event would go. He said they were optimistic it would be a success.

"The two questions I get the most are 'how many do we expect? And are we ready?'" Griffith said. "I tell them 'I don't know', but we have had a ton of positive feedback."

Mayor Allegri agreed it was very hard to predict the turnout for a first-time event.

In other business, the council agreed to accept a bid from Deems Farm Equipment for a Grasshopper mower to be used at the city park.

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