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Building the Vision: Baseball notables step up to the plate for N-B

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

It's thawing! That makes me think that although we may still have some cold weather ahead, we are inching closer to spring. That, in turn yells to me ... "We can start building the Civic Center/Museum!"

All of us who are part of the project are starting to get those "butterflies" people get when something exciting is about to happen.

Let me once again thank all of you who have contributed to the campaign. If you have not "pitched in" as of this time ... please run, don't walk to the campaign headquarters on the east side of the Marshall Square, or call (660) 886-2630. We continue to need your help to reach the finish line.

At last writing, we saw that marketing, publicity, and advertising are essential in getting a successful business "off the ground," so to speak. That was just as true with Nicholas/Beazley as it is to our economy today. Nicholas even made a voyage to Europe on a fact-finding and public-relations endeavor. Now, that's my kind of promoting!

In an article published in The Marshall Democrat-News on Aug. 15, 1929, it is reported that a couple of baseball notables had purchased the NB-3.

"Baseball Men Buy Plane

"Joe Dawson and Eddie Collins

"Leave with Barling NB-3 Saturday

"Joe Dawson, formerly a pitcher with the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Eddie Collins, also a former big league player, together with O. H. Babcock, Jr., representatives of the Dawson-Babcock Aircraft Corporation of Pittsburgh, Pa., were in Marshall Friday night and Saturday arranging details whereby they will act as distributors for Barling NB-3 monoplanes for Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company here. Arrangements completed, the trio left Saturday afternoon with a Barling NB-3 for Pittsburgh, one of the five purchased by the company.

"The Dawson-Babcock Aircraft Corporation is a subsidiary of the Dawson Flying School, one of the largest institutions in the East. They will have the distributorship rights for Pennsylvania and part of Ohio."

On Aug. 22, 1929, The Marshall Democrat-News reported an airplane delivery to Massachusetts.

"Barling NB-3 to Greenfield, Mass.

"D.S. (Barney) Zimmerley left early Monday morning in a Barling NB-3 monoplane for Greenfield, Mass., to deliver the ship. He returned Tuesday on the regular air lines, coming from Kansas City by automobile.

"Zimmerley and B.B. Van Zant, sales manager of the supply department of Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company, left for Cleveland, Ohio, Wednesday, in a Barling NB-3, where they will be present at the great Cleveland Aeronautical Exposition next week. Nicholas-Beazley will have two booths and several demonstration ships at the exposition.

"The Marshall airplane business was continuing to expand. This must have been an exciting time for the industry insiders, and the city of Marshall as well. It is an electrically-charged time when your school, team, community, etc. is making a mark in the world. It sounds to me like we were getting our "15 minutes."

The Sept. 12, 1929, edition of The Marshall Democrat-News reported a step-up in airplane production:

"Announce New Models

"A Barling NB-3 monoplane equipped with either a Genet 80-horsepower engine or a Belie motor of 565-horse-power will be available shortly in addition to the stock model equipped with the Le Blond "Sixty," as has been announced, but it is understood the Genet-powered Barling will have increased performance. The Genet engine weighs only 212 pounds and has been successfully flown for the past five years in England.

"Production of the three models will begin shortly and will be increased to a total of ten planes per week. A new feature in the production system is a standard motor mount, which accommodates all three engines. Several new features have recently been added to the Barling, including a front control stick, detachable in one second.

"Dealer and distributor contracts calling for more than 100 planes have been placed within the past three weeks and production is slowly being increased to take care of standing orders."

Continuing on ... I must say that I wonder if the people whose planes were delivered by Zimmerley, himself, felt particularly honored by or were even aware of his notoriety. Obviously, Barney was becoming a well-known name in aeronautical circles for his daring and bravery and his success in setting various records. The following article records his "draw" when traveling around the country participating in various flying-related activities. It certainly couldn't hurt the Nicholas-Beazley Company to have people learn that Zimmerley was their lead pilot.

"Zimmerley on Tour

"He Will Help Dedicate Several Airports in North and East

"D.S. (Barney) Zimmerley, chief test pilot for Nicholas-Beazley Airplane Company, left Wednesday in a Barling NB-3 for points in the north and east, where he will help dedicate some airports. He will visit Carroll, Boone and Sioux City, Iowa; York, Neb., and Sioux Falls, S. Dak.

"Zimmerley will also fly into North Dakota where he will be joined by Mrs. Zimmerley. The couple will return to Kansas City in time for the air races there September 21."

Check this out ...

In conjunction with the promotion of Marshall and its airplane industry and with Barney Zimmerley's notoriety and participation in aeronautical contests, the Marshall Chamber of Commerce saw an opportunity to promote the city:

The Marshall Democrat-News, Sept. 12, 1929:

"To Attempt to Have Marshall as Control Stop

"Committee Is Instructed to Raise Lap Prize

"The board of directors of the Chamber of Commerce voted to try to have Marshall as one of the control points in the National Air Derby, to be flown in connection with the Kansas City Aeronautical Exposition late this month, at its regular monthly meeting Monday night.

"The Board authorized the transportation committee to offer prizes totaling $250 for the lap which terminates at this control point. The committee is to first raise the funds. The Marshall Chapter of the National Aeronautical Association has agreed to arrange for official timers."

Building the Vision appears Wednesday.

Building the Vision