Concordia woman suspected of stealing gasoline in county

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The Saline County Sheriff's Department arrested a woman on Sunday, July 23, on the suscipion of stealing. According to a police report, officers responded to a call from an employee of Betty's Truck Stop, to report the theft of $30.01 of gasoline.

Police took a description of the vehicle and the driver, the suspect was driving a light blue Toyota Camry and wearing nightclothes or pajamas. According to the report, police had knowledge of a woman matching the description who was on probation for stealing gas in Sweet Springs.

Officers went to her residence and learned that she had moved to Concordia.

With the help of the Concordia police, the officers were able to track down Debra Sue Rooney, of Concordia. Rooney matched the description of the suspect and officers found that her vehicle also matched the description taken from the employee at Betty's.

Rooney admitted to stealing the gasoline and was taken into custody, police said in the report. She was released pending charges from the Saline County prosecuting attorney's office.

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