The Shepherd's Heart/Kentucky students embrace their faith in unison

Thursday, June 1, 2006

Recently I read a story about an entire graduating class in Kentucky which busted through a court order against prayers at high school graduation ceremonies by standing and reciting -- in unison -- the Lord's Prayer. That's right. While the school district's superintendent was welcoming the crowd to the event, the entire graduating class rose to their feet and recited the prayer. And then, to slap a little "take that ACLU" icing on the proverbial cake, the class valedictorian spoke of her faith and her God while delivering her speech to those gathered in the arena. She said that when her and her friends faced tough times on down the road, whether it be paying bills or passing that college final, God would be there with them.

You go girl!

Seems a judge had received an American Civil Liberties Union-backed complaint from an anonymous graduating senior (you guessed it -- John Doe) that said the student felt that his constitutional rights would be violated if a prayer was said during the graduation ceremony. The judge slapped a restraining order against any prayer being recited by anyone at the ceremony.

But there was a component to this drama the ACLU and the judge apparently never considered: Something we could call being in "one accord." A solidarity based deep within the hearts and spirits of every Christian student in that graduating class, which must have been quite a few young folks. The story said that "200 graduating seniors stood and recited the Lord's Prayer in unison."

I wonder where Mr. Doe was during the prayer. Did he pray along so as not to give himself away? If so, was he in effect smashing through the restraining order himself? Wow. What a concept. You get the ACLU to back you and find a judge to tell an entire community not to pray at graduation ceremonies only to be forced to pray during the ceremony so no one knows it was you who started the misguided ball rolling in the first place.

That's justice. Or -- dare I say it -- that's God.

Three cheers for those seniors. I am sure they will all find their paths a little brighter because of their resolve to make a statement for what they believed in.

"Our Father, which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name."

Ladies and gentlemen, you may move your tassels!

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