CR 103 bridge progress noted

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Saline County Commission has a couple of bridge repair issues on its agenda for this week.

Southern District Commissioner Dick Hassler announced Tuesday morning that the county is making progress on a bridge replacement project on County Road 103, Wildcat Road, just north of Marshall.

Hassler said officials are at the point of talking to property owners about getting right-of-way authority. The new bridge, he said, will be 20 feet wide and the approaches to the bridge will be built up by about 5 feet.

Shafer, Kline and Warren, based in Macon, is the engineering firm for the project. Construction is not expected to begin before the fall of 2006.

Presiding Commissioner Becky Plattner said the commissioners will meet with Mike McGrath, Missouri Department of Transportation district engineer, and other MoDOT officials at 10 a.m. Wednesday to discuss the Eastwood Street viaduct. The viaduct, on Eastwood a short distance beyond the entrance to Indian Foothills Park, was closed in April of this year because it was deemed unsafe by a MoDOT inspector.

Norvelle Brown, Northern District commissioner, said the Pioneer Trails Regional Planning Commission is set to take up a proposal that would modify which government agencies contribute to RPC funding through dues. Currently only the four counties -- Saline, Pettis, Lafayette and Johnson -- pay dues that help support the commission. The proposal would modify that so larger communities in the four-county area, such as Sedalia, Marshall and Warrensburg, would also pay dues. The issue was to be voted on Tuesday evening following the RPC's annual dinner.

In other business, County Clerk Ken Bryant reported that MFA has purchased the Big Stop convenience store in Sweet Springs and a change in the business' liquor license was necessary to reflect the ownership change. The change was approved without dissent.

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