Red Ribbon Week under way at local schools

Tuesday, October 25, 2005
Missouri Valley College students who participated in an informative skit on peer pressure and drug and alcohol awareness Tuesday morning go into a group of students seated at Eastwood Elementary School searching for volunteers.

Marshall students are dressing a little oddly throughout this week -- with shirts and other apparel on backward, digging through the drawers for red socks and even turning back the clock and dressing like hippies. But it's all for a good cause -- Red Ribbon Week, a week set aside to urge youth not to use drugs and alcohol and make wise choices.

Students from Missouri Valley College made the second of two stops at local elementary schools Tuesday, performing an interactive skit with students at Eastwood Elementary School. The MVC students were at Northwest Elementary Monday.

Following the skit, students spent the rest of the day rotating between various stations set up with activities about drug and alcohol abuse awareness and completing an activity book about preventing drug use.

"All of the events today are about drug awareness and making good choices. We have some students here that are doing a skit. They're going to let the kids know about choices through this skit," Sally Berger, an assistant professor of drug and alcohol awareness at Missouri Valley College, explained.

Berger went on to say that the skit is the culmination of senior Anny Greeves' hard work and vision.

"Anny Greeves is in charge of all this. She did all the work and this is for her grade in the drug and alcohol awareness class. She's an amazing student. She's very bright and dedicated and she's going to be an amazing counselor," Berger said. "She called all of the schools in the area and Nancy Kleinschmidt has been tremendous working with us. Missouri Valley is very interested in doing community work so we want to keep that going.

MVC students, who volunteered time for the drug and alcohol awareness skit organized by fellow student Anny Greeves, act out a scene with some of the students from Eastwood.

"I'm proud of our kids. All of the other Valley students that are participating in this are doing this as volunteers for the children, so I'm very excited," she added. "The kids are going to be immersed in drug education today. We're spending the whole day on it because we want this to stick with the kids."

"I've always been interested in helping kids. I did an internship at Tipton Correctional Facility recently and heard some of the inmates' stories about things that happened to them when they were children, so I know how important it is to have a really good upbringing," Greeves said.

"I also had Red Ribbon Week when I was a student and I remember it very well, so if I can help one child to avoid some pitfalls, then that's what this is all about. These kids are at a fragile age so it's important to reach out to them and I think repetition is very important."

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