MVC to upgrade Osage Field

Friday, July 8, 2005

Marshall Director of Parks and Recreation Jeff Stubblefield reported this week that the Missouri Valley College athletic department is in the process of upgrading Osage Field at Indian Foothills Park, which the school uses for its baseball team.

The proposed modifications, which will not come at the park's expense, have been welcomed with open arms by Stubblefield and others involved with the local parks.

"They really want to upgrade the facility," Stubblefield said. "Scott Kelly [MVC head baseball coach] has a lot of good ideas and we're working with him."

"After the softball tournament [this weekend], they are going to tear up the field and re-sod it," Stubblefield said. "They're going to put up a retaining net in right field that will stretch into right-center and will remove the 'shadow-box' effect that currently exists."

Although the park won't be financially responsible for the improvements, Stubblefield did say that both Kelly and MVC Athletic Director Tom Fifer have his full support and the use of any mechanical equipment they may need.

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