Harlow wins bid for coroner

Friday, August 6, 2004

Editor's note: Coverage of the race for Saline County Coroner was inadvertantly omitted from earlier editions. The Democrat-News regrets this oversight.

In his second bid for coroner, Willie Harlow won a landslide victory with more than 1,600 votes ahead of his closest competitor, Frank Eddleman.

The unofficial tallies recorded by the county clerk's office showed 3,309 votes for Harlow, 1,685 for Eddleman and 841 votes for Jim Igo, who also ran for the position in 2000.

"I just appreciate the support," Harlow said. He also thanked his fellow Democratic candidates for running clean campaigns.

Igo said he also appreciated the clean campaign.

"He's a well qualified, nice young man," he said. "I'm quite sure he'll serve the public well."

Harlow is funeral director and embalmer at Campbell-Lewis Funeral Home in Marshall and will add the four-year office of coroner to his duties Jan. 1.

Harlow had his largest margin of victory in Sweet Springs, where he received 266 votes to Igo's 64 and Eddleman's 54. He received 150 votes more than his competitors in all four Marshall wards.

In Slater, Eddleman was a close competitor with 209 votes to Harlow's 245 and Igo's 127.

Although losing the bid for office, Igo carried Emma with 16 votes to Harlow's 10 and Eddleman's eight. The three candidates drew even in Grand Pass, with Harlow and Igo each drawing 11 votes and Eddleman garnering 10.

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