Slater sets goals for 2004, looks back at 2003

Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Continuing street improvements, the citywide cleanup and attracting more businesses were the three major goals for 2004 Slater City Council members selected at their Jan. 20 meeting.

Mayor Andre Petersen read the goals for 2004 at the city's regular monthly meeting Tuesday night. Council members, a few audience members, the mayor and assistant city administrator were given paper on which to write their goals for the city during a December council meeting. Petersen read 13 goals, with those selected being ones that were listed by more than one person.

Along with the three main goals, which seven or eight people suggested, Slater representatives want more support of businesses already in town, improved bathrooms at the park, filling the vacant space south of Dollar General, improve downtown, find a use for Town Hall Manor, improve and upgrade the city's sewers and electric systems, curb and gutter streets around town, pass the street tax on the April 6 ballot and build another Habitat for Humanity home. One Habitat home, the first in the community, is now nearing completion.

Councilman Terry Jordan said the list of goals is a good tool for the council to use when deciding in what direction to lead Slater.

Petersen also read the goals adopted by the city for 2003. Highest on the list were removing uninhabitable homes, continuing the street program, upgrading alleys behind Main Street businesses, curb and guttering, cleaning Main Street regularly, finishing Slater Veteran Memorial Park, building a new "spec" house, continuing to remove old vehicles, annexing land, acquiring the Legends property for a business, finishing the youth center and addressing any sewer problems.

"Quite a few of those were accomplished," said Councilman Stephen Allegri.

Since last year, the Slater Veteran Memorial Park and Slater Youth Center opened. Assistant City Administrator Gene Griffith said the 17 miles of city streets have been paved in the last few years, including removing the hump on Main Street and paving Main and Maple streets, Cattle Drive and an alleyway from Morgan to Locust last year. The total street improvements undertaken in 2003 were estimated at $144,000, which included a $40,000 improvement to Central Street with a graded slope and water and sewer line repairs. Councilman Ron Monnig said at a May 2003 council meeting that Slater has removed 50 houses in the last five years.

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