Several computer classes available through SCCC

Monday, January 12, 2004

In the last decade, computers have proliferated, appearing in homes and offices around the world. For those in Saline County who would like to know more about their computers, the Saline County Career Center has a number of courses available.

For those with little or no knowledge about computers, Jeanne Lake will teach Beginning Computers Part I. The course covers computer terminology and an introduction to word processing, the Internet, e-mail and Windows operating system. Beginning Computers Part II, also taught by Lake, builds on the skills covered in the first course.

Lake is also the instructor for Amazing Tricks Using Word, Amazing Things You Can Do with Excel and Excel Database -- Have It Your Way. The first course explains the functions of Microsoft Word and how to create forms, flyers and brochures. The latter courses teach Excel users tips and tricks for creating graphics, entering data into a chart, as well as creating, finding, editing and deleting records in a database.

For those who aren't quite that advanced, Aimee Riley will teach Excel for Beginners. This introductory course offers the basics of creating worksheets, graphs and charts in the Excel spreadsheet program.

Computer users preferring to use Access to create their databases may be interested in taking Wayne Vaughn's class on the application. The course teaches how to use tables, queries, forms and reports and will move into some advanced features as well.

Mark McRoberts will teach Beginning Quickbooks Pro for students who want to learn how to computerize their accounting system. The course will cover how to set up the system for different types of businesses including farming, service and retail.

Another beginners program is Introduction to Windows, taught by Mike Toliver. This class covers the basic features of the Windows system and will include hands-on instruction in creating, sizing and rearranging groups of windows; customizing the computer desktop; maintaining files and working with the control panel. The class will also teach Windows users about Windows' Word Pad and Paintbrush features.

Gail Bailey is scheduled to teach a beginner/intermediate course on Microsoft Word. The word processing class will teach students how to create, edit, format, save, retrieve and print documents. There will also be an introduction into the program's more advanced formatting techniques.

The center will offer two courses on creating Web sites. The first, Web Design Using Dreamweaver, will be taught by Gene Marksbury. The class will cover Web basics, HTML coding, design concepts, graphics and Web site maintenance. Under the instruction of Steve Clause, MS Publisher will include a section on using the program for Web site creation. The course will also show how to use the software to create brochures and newsletters.

On the technical side, Bill Michael will teach Computer Upgrading and Computer Technology. The first course teaches students how to add internal components such as memory cards, CD drives, DVD drives and sound and video cards. The latter course covers troubleshooting as well as information about serial ATA hard drives, wireless networks and basic LAN networking.

Going Digital, taught by Kelly Moenkhoff, will give students information about choosing a printer, scanner and digital camera that have the features and specifications to meet their needs. For those who already have a digital camera, Moenkhoff will also teach Photo Editing. This class will teach how to use MS Photo Editor and Adobe Photoshop to improve digital photos. Topics covered include adjusting for light and darkness, sharpening, repairing red eye and cropping and sizing images.

For more information about the classes at the Saline County Career Center, contact Michelle Hanson at 660-886-6958 or e-mail her at

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