Be careful in the woods this Second Saturday

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Yes, we've made it through another "opening weekend" of firearms deer season here in mid-Missouri, but there's another weekend of whitetail hunting left this month. And though the second Saturday of the season may not get the hype that opening day receives, it still can be an exhilarating, raucous, nerve-racking time.

This can be especially true for those who didn't bag that big buck during the opening round. Sometimes, and maybe this is just my perception, it appears that second Saturday can be as dangerous, or even more dangerous, than opening day.

Maybe it's because people who work during the week -- and who didn't get their deer during the first weekend -- want to make sure they have meat in the freezer before they go back to the grindstone come Monday.

Maybe that monster buck the neighbor's son brought home has your Whitetail fever running a little too high.

Or maybe you're just tired of getting skunked while everyone else is trying to decide where to take the latest trophy to get it mounted.

Any way you look at it, from what I can gather there always seems to be a lot of frustration in deer camp come Second Saturday.

Hopefully, the addition of a mid-December bonus hunt will take some of the pressure off the not-so-lucky who are still beating the proverbial bushes.

Maybe the shift by many away from high-powered rifles to bows and arrows or muzzle-loading arms will have thinned out the Second Saturday crowds.

And maybe, just maybe, some have decided that being an annual entrant in the world's largest collective spitting contest just ain't worth the time, effort and risk.

Just remember, the woods are crawling with blaze orange-clad folks this time of year. Here's hoping you come of out of the woods uninjured and content.

I'd think that losing your life -- or that of a friend or loved one -- to a stray bullet would be too high a price to pay for a trophy on the wall and meat in the freezer.

I know it's just Second Saturday, but please be careful out there.