County sales tax receipts up for month, but down compared to '02

Wednesday, November 12, 2003

County sales tax receipts are up for the second month in a row, but have yet to catch up to last year's pace, the Saline County Commission reported Wednesday.

Sales tax receipts for this month were $50,616, up from $45,959 received last November. But the total of sales tax receipts this year is $758,676, about $2,500 shy of the amount received by the county in the first 11 months of 2002.

The commissioners also reported on the Missouri Association of Counties' annual meeting held Nov. 9 through 11.

Southern District Commissioner Mike Dillon said county commissioners discussed a wide range of topics including a universal sales tax. "Finances is the biggest problem for counties and will continue to be the biggest problem for counties," said Dillon, adding that the state is struggling with the same problem.

County Clerk Ken Bryant, who also attended the meeting, said he doesn't know how the state and county will fund the presidential primary election set for 2004. In the past it had been federally funded.

Also Wednesday, the commissioners reported construction for the Mullins Bridge on County Road 329 and the Bar Hollow Bridge on County Road 213 is ready to move forward. The state has approved the engineering services and land acquisition, but the county is waiting for federal funds to be released before the projects can start.

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