Duffer doffs contest winner's cap

Monday, November 3, 2003

With a couple of major upsets in store for Saturday, it was absolutely essential for players in the Marshall Democrat-News' Football Contest to get through Friday night unscathed.

There were 19 ballots which were perfect on the four high school games, including 10 of the 18 entries with only two incorrect picks. However, either 10th-ranked Virginia Tech's 49-10 rout of No. 2 Miami or Missouri Valley's 45-14 demolition of 11th-rated Evangel foiled their plans -- the exception being Blackburn's John Borchers, one of four to both pick the Vikings' win and for Northwest to defeat Sweet Springs.

However, there wasn't room for two misses in order to make the finals, since three players had just one wrong prediction. Two of them, Duffer Smith and Hannah Henderson, both of Marshall, were denied a flawless ballot by Valley's victory, while Marshall's Donna Smith was damaged by the Hokies' win.

In the tiebreaker, Duffer disagreed with both the Mrs. and Henderson by choosing San Francisco to beat St. Louis. Since each player also missed Indianapolis' 23-17 decision at Miami, the Niners' 30-10 rout was enough to give Mr. Smith the $20 prize.

It was Duffer's second victory of the season, giving him two ballots for the Week 13 winner's contest for a $100 jackpot.

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