Eastwood School notches unusual accomplishment

Friday, September 27, 2002

On Friday, September 13, we had something happen in one of our schools that was somewhat unique.

At Eastwood Elementary School, we had 100 perfect attendance on that day as all 183 students who attend Eastwood were in school. It is somewhat unusual to have a population that large with nobody sick, out of town, etc.

Eastwood School is the home of all 150 third-graders in the district and 33 of our kindergarten students.

Congratulations to the students and staff at Eastwood School for this unique accomplishment and thanks mom and dad for sending your youngsters to school.

Thanks Delford

Quite a few people continue to make positive comments about the Marshall High School athletic complex, and one comment that I hear as much as any is that our individual type seats in the football/track stadium are so nice and comfortable.

The man who deserves much of the credit for the nice seats is our county collector, Delford Thompson. He called me back in the spring of 1999, which was the year that the stadium was being constructed. He informed me that the Kansas City Royals were upgrading their baseball stadium and they were going to sell their existing stadium seats at a very reasonable price.

After Thompson called, we phoned the construction company in charge of the project and, sure enough, we were able to purchase 1,800 stadium seats at a cost of around $20 per seat.

This past spring, we purchased around 180 more of the stadium seats and are in the process of putting these seats in our high school baseball stadium. Thompson made a nice contribution to help offset the cost of these seats.

He is a perfect example of the many people in our school district who have been willing to step up and do those extra special things to help us provide the best for our students.

No school Oct. 9

School will not be in session in Marshall on Wednesday, Oct. 9, as we will have a full day of staff in-service on that day.

As we have in years past, we will have 12:30 p.m. dismissals on the following days throughout the school year, also for staff in-service: Nov. 7, Nov. 14, Dec. 12, Feb. 13, March 13, March 20 and April 10.

The November and March dates correspond with parent-teacher conferences and students are dismissed one of the two days in each of these months for staff in-service and the other day for parent-teacher conferences.

We hope that these early dismissals don't inconvenience you parents too much. We realize that deviating from our regular schedule can force parents to change work schedules, arrange pickups at school, etc. We have quite a few in-service needs in our district and these early release days often prove to be invaluable for our staff, so I hope this will work okay for everyone.