Go ahead, please fence me in!

Friday, October 4, 2002

"You do know the only thing this house needs, right?"

For 15 years now, the correct answer to this question has been, "A fence!" And, ideally, a white, wooden picket fence.

I'm not sure whether good fences really make good neighbors, as the old saying goes, but they can make for happier spouses. Happier because the kids have some place to play with some shade during hot summer days and happier because the aim is to keep pedestrians from cutting a 60-foot arc off the corner.

And, until the rains this week, the great fence of 2002 was actually coming along pretty well. It's a little more than halfway finished despite my own little archaeological project, uncovering - and digging more than a dozen holes through - an old brick sidewalk that used to run along Redman Avenue.

At least the second time around trying to build a fence it isn't taking the entire men's group from church and redigging post holes twice to get the project done.

By the time next May rolls around, Sherri can be planning for how to complete the next couple of projects like planting little boxwood bushes to line the inside portion of the fence and, eventually, path lights.

It's just the kind of thing that makes where you live into an actual home.