Marshall blessed with excellent recycling options

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Earlier this week, the Marshall City Council discussed the rising costs of solid waste disposal. Gasoline costs are up, the cost of over-the-road drivers to drive the trucks to the nearest landfill at Sedalia is up, tipping fees are up and the fund for this essential service was in the red about $20,000 for the recently completed fiscal year - with the forecast for a $65,000 deficit the next fiscal year.

But a simple remedy, at least for part of the problem, was also addressed by the council - having Marshall residents take full advantage of recycling opportunities to reduce the amount of solid waste picked up and transported to the landfill.

We are blessed with recycling opportunities including curbside pickup of all types of paper. Recycling bins are available through the Marshall Municipal Utilities offices. And we have an excellent drop-off recycling facility that is open seven days a week and accepts not only paper but glass, tin cans, plastics and aluminum. You would be hard pressed to find another city our size with such recycling opportunities.

All it takes is three or four paper sacks lined up on the back porch and a slight detour on one of your errands around town to go by the drop-off site on North Street or sorting out paper from the rest of your household trash.

The alternative is likely paying higher rates to have our trash hauled away. And that's an option that many people will likely find less attractive than starting - or continuing - a good habit.