Remember to say 'thank you'

Tuesday, February 5, 2002

It's now been a week since the beginnings of the ice storm that downed tree limbs and power lines throughout the city and county - canceling schools, affecting businesses and many civic groups' plans, etc.

And while there has been some grumbling about being without power for extended periods of time, we must recognize and give credit to the Marshall Municipal Utilities crews and other crews around the area who worked long and hard to restore service as quickly as possible.

It's never pleasant to go overnight without heat or light, but shelters were also in place for those without a warm place to stay in several area communities including Marshall, Sweet Springs and Alma. And as unpleasant as it is not to have the use of electric-powered conveniences, being out in the middle of freezing rain putting up power lines is hardly an enviable position either.

Marshall and other towns in the area also face a long week, or maybe more, of cleaning up the storm's debris as municipal services crews haul away all those limbs and branches.

City and utility employees tend to be largely invisible, until needed in the middle of a storm. And they provide the needed services. Let's remember to give them thanks for their work at all times, and try to avoid complaining when nature temporarily knocks us out of our comfort zone through ice, snow or some other type of storm.