Take time for civic duty

Friday, March 29, 2002

In just a few days it is time once again to select local citizens to serve on city councils and school boards, along with other positions, around the county. And issues such as the establishment of a levy-funded public health department and formation of a rural fire protection district could have a major impact on the daily lives of Saline Countians.

There are many chores that need to get done each spring. And one of those is taking part in the opportunity to choose representatives on government boards.

Polls open before most people need to be at work, and stay open until the early evening hours.

Please take a few minutes to read through the news articles available about the candidates and the issues and cast a ballot on Tuesday.

On a related note, the Democrat-News is happy to allow individuals the chance to comment on issues through letters to the editor, but there are certain guidelines. Letters should address issues instead of being blatant "vote yes" or "vote no" messages. That is the purpose of political ads. Also, the Democrat-News published a deadline for letters to the editor several times during recent weeks. Unfortunately, a handful of letters relating to election issues were received after this deadline and were not published.