Facility Committee adopts mission statement, hears reports

Tuesday, October 23, 2001
Tony Day and Debra Fisher

The Marshall School District's Facility Committee adopted a mission statement and heard subcommittee reports at its regular meeting held Monday evening.

The group's mission, as defined by the adopted mission statement is to research issues, needs and resources in order to present a proposal for what will best serve the educational needs of Marshall's students. The mission statement also acknowledges the goal of creating a plan that is capable of garnering public support.

The meeting's first report came from the Public Relations Subcommittee. Member James Barton said the group has decided to hold an open forum for the public.

Barton said that the first forum would not be designed to answer questions, but rather gather information from the public. The idea is to find out what people want and why they voted against the proposal to build a new elementary school twice in the past.

The format would allow for a moderator to choose people from the audience who will be able to voice their opinions on the matter for five minutes.

The group also discussed the possibility of having the forum broadcast live on KMMO radio's AM station and having a videotape of it played on cable Channel 10.

One thing the forum will not allow is for people to discuss issues not related to the facility needs of the school district. Members of the subcommittee said the forum was not the place to discuss personality conflicts or past grievances.

The forum is tentatively scheduled for Thursday, Nov. 15, at the Bueker Middle School Harold L. Lickey Auditorium.

Tony Day and Debra Fisher spoke next for the Demographics Subcommittee. That group is currently working to identify Marshall's population and distribution in order to help plan for a location for new construction.

Day and Fisher said their findings from the 2000 census showed little change from the 1990. In addition, the largest concentration of children ages 0 to 5 years in the western half of Marshall, particular the northwest section.

Using Odell Avenue and Yerby Street to divide the city into quadrants, the northwest quadrant is home to 36 percent of the district's elementary-age students. The southwest quadrant has another 30 percent. The remaining students are distributed with 21 percent in the northeast quadrant and 13 percent in the southeast quadrant.

Day and Fisher said they had spoken with many of Marshall's large industrial employers and all said they planned no expansion in the foreseeable future. It was the subcommittee's conclusion that without such expansion there will not likely be any significant change to the demographics.

The Facility Committee will next meet at 7 p.m. on Monday, Nov. 26.

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