Slater school board considers changing insurance providers

Friday, November 23, 2001

The Slater Board of Education met with representatives from the Missouri United School Insurance Council (MUSIC) during its regular meeting Tuesday night as part of considering a new insurance plan.

The board is considering switching to the company from its current insurance plan because MUSIC offers better rates.

"They insure 300 some-odd schools and I think we'd have a little bit better coverage than we had before," said Slater Superintendent Paul Vaillancourt. "It's all part of a package they put together for school districts."

The board also heard a presentation from three district teachers who have been taking part in training for the Missouri Assessment Program (MAP).

"We decided to send three teachers to the MAP leadership mentoring program," said Vaillancourt.

The MAP tests encourage outcome-oriented teaching styles and curriculums to prepare students to meet statewide standards.

"It's considerably more open-ended. They ask a question and (students) have to formulate, write a response and apply that response. It's no-longer multiple choice," Vaillancourt explained.

Vaillancourt also summed up a grant meeting he attended and said the Slater board should qualify for building renovation grants as a rural school.

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