Health office contracts renewed

Monday, August 26, 2002

Two Saline County Health Office contracts with the state were approved by the Saline County Commission during its Monday morning session.

One contract, worth $1,500, was approved to provide health consultation for the county's day-care facilities with sessions to emphasize good health practices, such as washing hands in the day-care centers. The contract was increased from $1,000 in 2001, with a requirement for staff at area day-cares to undergo smoking education.

The second state contract approved, worth $1,585, is allotted to fund visits by the health office's environmental specialist, Gene Walther, for sanitation inspections of all Saline County day-care centers.

The Saline County Commission also approved a bid the Saline County Health Office has submitted for $52,800 in family planning services funding based on an estimate of 352 clients to be served in the upcoming year. With a deadline of Aug. 29 to submit the bid, results are expected to be released shortly after that date.

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