'Damn Yankees' to take MHS stage

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Poor Joe Boyd, all he wants is to see his beloved Washington Senators beat those New York Yankees. He wants it so badly he's willing to sell his soul to the devil - and so begins "Damn Yankees," the musical by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross scheduled to be performed at Marshall High School this week.

The musical opens Wednesday with shows running through Friday. The performances begin at 7 p.m. in the MHS Little Theatre. Tickets cost $2 for students and $5 for adults.

"Damn Yankees" opens with Joe, played by senior Brady Johnson, and his wife Meg, played by Jenny Dehn, watching the Senators lose once again to the Yankees. Joe steps outside to cool off and says aloud that he would sell his soul if he could be a long-ball hitter for his favorite team.

Moments later, Mr. Applegate, the devil in disguise, appears and offers to make that trade. Applegate, played by senior Jared Nichols, transforms Joe Boyd from a middle-aged fan to Joe Hardy, a baseball star who can hit and field like a champion.

Along the way to the American League championship, Joe runs into a number of characters including Senators Coach Van Buren, played by Tristan Barton, and fellow Senators Smokey, Rocky and Vernon, played by Nathan Carrico, Chris Kuhn and Grant Swift.

Several women also come into his life. These are nosy reporter Gloria Thorpe, played by Bethany Shannon, who tries to uncover the mystery of Joe's past and his sudden appearance in professional baseball. He is also beset by the seductress Lola, played by Heidi Arni. Lola is a minion of Applegate's whose mission is to make Joe forget his past life.

As the date of Joe's escape clause deadline nears, the Senators haven't yet clinched the title. It comes down to the final play to determine whether the Senators will beat the Yankees and Joe goes home or Applegate wins and owns Joe's soul for eternity.

The production will also feature the on-stage talents of Maria Swisher, Alanna Dunham, Josh Hoffelmeyer, Michael McCampbell, Josh Hundley, Brandon Plummer, Tony Pycke, Landon Alexander, Marita McCampbell, Peyton Narron, Kate Finnegan, Angela Stewart, Emma Pfizenmaier, Mackenzie Finnegan and Rebecca Kruger.

The MHS performances of "Damn Yankees" will be under the direction of Michael Brennan, with Ron Sayer providing musical direction and Megan Batrez serving as choreographer.

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