Nominations sought for '03 Extension council seats

Monday, December 16, 2002

Nominations are being accepted for individuals who would like to serve on the 2003 Saline County University Outreach and Extension Council.

Ballots for the annual election have been sent to everyone in Saline County who is on one or more of the extension's mailing lists. The ballots are also available from the Saline County University Outreach and Extension office by request. Upon receiving the votes and determining election results, the council will meet to decide upon officeholders and positions within the council.

Nominations will be accepted until Dec. 17 and the date of the election in January will be specified during the council's regular December meeting, also Dec. 17.

Darin Starr, Saline County program director, said six new council members will be elected, with each serving a two-year term. He explained three of the members will be elected from the Northern District, as well as three from the Southern District with the districts to be the same as those used in voting for Saline County Commission candidates.

"Residents of the Northern District may only vote for three candidates from the Northern District and residents from the southern district can only vote for three candidates from the Southern District," Starr said.

The council's main job is to oversee the operation of the Extension office. Council members serve two-year terms and provide leadership in the development and provision of local educational programs.

Council Secretary Ann Fenner said the council needs people who will represent the educational needs and backgrounds of people in Saline County.

"We need someone who will continue to be there and be interested in education and moving the county forward," she said. "We need to figure out 'What tools does the Extension have and how can we best use those?' We need people with backgrounds that will represent our whole county."

Individuals can nominate themselves and nominations can be made by filling out a nomination form and returning it to the Extension office. Election brochures have also been mailed out to inform interested individuals of the roles of the council and encourage them to make a nomination.

Fenner said one of the reasons she is serving on the council is because she believes the Extension office is serving as an educational tool that is helping to meet the needs of people living in Saline County.

"We're working with things that are close to my heart," she said. "And when we have a variety of backgrounds represented, the council can more easily meet the needs of people here in the county. As we do that, we look for a council who can understand the points of view from many different standpoints."

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