MVC revives MarSaline Campaign

Monday, March 10, 2003
Chad Freeman and Mike McKay

Missouri Valley College is currently in the midst of the "MarSaline Campaign," calling on members of the Saline County community to help it provide programs and services.

Once an annual fund-raising drive, the MarSaline Campaign has been dormant since the 1980s. For the first year of reactivation, the college chose a theme of "A Shared Past, A Shared Future." The campaign began March 3 and will continue until March 14.

"This campaign continues a long-standing tradition that has existed between the college and Saline County," said Missouri Valley College President Chad Freeman. "For nearly 114 years, the county has been a valuable support base for the college, both economically and philosophically."

MVC's Office of Institutional Advancement is coordinating the campaign, which seeks to raise $50,000. A group of community leaders has chosen to help the campaign by serving on the leadership committee. Wayne Brown of Gilliam and Mike McKay of Marshall are serving as honorary co-chairs of the campaign. Tom and Kathy Blumhorst, George Clemens and Donna Huston, all of Marshall, are also serving on the committee.

Freeman said a successful campaign is a way for residents of Saline County, and especially businesses in Marshall, to let college students know they are wanted here, that they want them to shop in the local stores and that their talents and abilities are enjoyed.

"It is important that we maintain an active partnership between the county and the college," Freeman said, noting contributions to the school find their way back into the community.

Freeman explained that a recent study done by an economics class at the college indicated an estimated $27,314,733 flowed through the county and the city of Marshall during fiscal year 2001 because of Missouri Valley College. According to the study, the college's local expenditures have totaled $226,667,396 over the past 10 years.

"I believe the numbers tell the story," said Freeman. "The college, its students, staff and faculty have a definite impact on the county."

Throughout the campaign, individuals and businesses will have an opportunity to make financial gifts in support of the college and its programs. Even though the campaign is set to end on March 14, gifts made to the college and received by June 30 will be counted toward the campaign goal.

Those who want to make a gift to the campaign may send it to the Office of Institutional Advancement, Missouri Valley College, 500 E. College, Marshall, MO 65340.

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