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Story: City removes part of condemned Arrow Street building's face, rest of building could soon follow (Posted by nancy007 ~ 11/20/16)
Together we can make "Arrow Street Great Again".
Story: Sheriff's deputies investigating convenience store burglary (Posted by nancy007 ~ 09/28/16)
Being that the convenience store is somewhat isolated makes easy target for quick smash and grab burglary. As for taking jabs at law enforcement, this crime could've happened anywhere with little if any leads for police to go forward with. Any local government agency is easy to pick on, county has to work with resources and people that are willing to do the job. For better or worse.
Story: Roettgen pleads guilty to resisting arrest, other charges dropped; Prosecutor calls two officer statements not credible, two officers suspended (Updated Aug. 10 at 10 a.m.) (Posted by nancy007 ~ 08/09/16)
WOW! How embarrassing is it to be those Marshall policemen? Most of the time you hear of the public being critical of police officers action and the courts siding with police. To have the County Prosecutor say this is really saying something about the character of the two policemen and possibly the dept heads? I have always been respectful to law enforcement officers, we need them and we need them to be credible.I believe most in MPD to be. No matter how embarrassing this is for the...
Story: Lighthouse Shelter to close doors Thursday (Posted by nancy007 ~ 05/01/16)
Its unfortunate that the whole thing became one person bank roll, the funds from the government kept the place going. I applaud the people who were genuinely supporting the lighthouse, hopefully something will replace it.
Story: Bald eagles spotted south of county (Posted by nancy007 ~ 01/13/16)
Nice picture and always have got a thrill when I spot them, which isn't that rare if your out in the country during winter month. About a month ago three of them were snacking on something in a field for a couple days east of Miami.
Story: County auditor issues protest concerning assessor's mileage reimbursements (Posted by nancy007 ~ 10/31/14)
Turn in the right paperwork and you can get paid for going to worlds of fun...simple!
Story: Flanigan South Pipeline construction begins in Saline County (Posted by nancy007 ~ 08/21/13)
Some people will argue about anything....LOL
Story: County Commission gets update on POW-MIA memorial, considers pay raise for road and bridge department (Posted by nancy007 ~ 12/15/12)
No inside scoop, it was all in the article.
Story: Home sweet Slater: Saline County town reclaims clean image (Posted by nancy007 ~ 08/30/12)
Re-claim..I'm 73 and I guess that claim was long before my time. I just can't help the fact I find many comment coming from these folks being a little condescending. Some of the actions from these folks seems a little self serving, and they seem that way often? As far as slater's mayor showing marshall how its done, you would have to have the support in marshall the mayor in slater has in slater. Then he wouldn't have excuses like council member's blocking anything he tries to do.(in...
Story: Slater resident challenges mayor's firework policy (Posted by nancy007 ~ 07/05/12)
Big show from all residents, probably let off more fireworks this year than ever!! Glad everything worked out fine!
Story: Speak Out October 1 to December 31, 2011 (Posted by nancy007 ~ 12/02/11)
I must have done somthing to get a spark going and that's all I was trying to do, just one of the things I see nowadays. I didn't call anyone out and I'm sorry if I offended anyone and I will never write anything on here again as my doing so has upset people and I just did it to let off some steam ,It's not my life!
Story: Speak Out October 1 to December 31, 2011 (Posted by Oklahoma Reader ~ 12/02/11)
Born-n-Raised you have a point. The least one can say is that she has long had a knack for frequently spotting the worst of poor folks, then scornfully unloading on them. For the record: http://www.marshallnews.com/scripts/search/simple.php?query=nancy007&s=comments ;)
Story: Speak Out October 1 to December 31, 2011 (Posted by born-n-raised ~ 12/02/11)
Smokin' Cheetah, I, too, thought news was being cynical, but then I read some of nancy007's previous comments. I think he nailed it. She has provided the exact same comments in the past, nearly word for word. C'mon nancy, at least try to fool the people.
Story: Speak Out October 1 to December 31, 2011 (Posted by nancy007 ~ 12/01/11)
While at a local chain department store I noticed a woman at one entrance asking ( financial assistance)help. I had planned on getting cash in store and giving her five dollars. But she was gone , but I did see another woman at other entrance and decided to just go to my car. As I was leaving I seen the first woman driving a truck up to the other woman who was talking to some people. I thought I would go ahead and give them my five dollars, but as I walked pass the back of thier truck it had...
Story: VIDEO: Slater residents express concerns about animal ordinance (Posted by nancy007 ~ 11/15/11)
What was that?No really, was that worth anyone's attention.It could have been,maybe after next meeting we'll have part two?
Story: Speak Out October 1 to December 31, 2011 (Posted by nancy007 ~ 10/31/11)
I don't know if this is becoming wide spread problem but three of my friend in marshall neighborhoods are having problem with neighbors with thug like behavior.Before you could expect loud music or maybe someone having a eye sore of some sort.But when you have kids and young adults trying to intimidate other and parents who seem to encourage that behavior what are you to do,can't call police because they have not broke any laws they can be arrested for, everyone has to be harrassed and live...
Story: Potential Planet Aid scam competes with local charities (Update Aug. 1) (Posted by nancy007 ~ 08/02/11)
Whats the difference,most charity's keep a third to a half for operating (cost)as far as donating I do enough called taxes,people in better condition to work than me getting goverment check so they can sit on their rear and pop pills and smoke and drink,donate plenty don't doubt it,woman at wal-mart was asking people for gas money to get dis-abled brother to kansas city,was going to give her money until I seen couple cases of beer and four packs of cigerette's she had just bought.
Story: Marshall man pickets northside property to highlight trash problem (Posted by nancy007 ~ 05/06/11)
I have a friend in town and she has a house beside hers that nobody has lived in for 15 years, holes all the way through it,she said she would rather look at it then the people who live on the other side
Story: Marshall ad appears in statewide magazine (Posted by nancy007 ~ 04/29/11)
As a proud marshall citizen, born and raised here.... If you stand outside the box and look in,what we have is just great . Like bow and arrow making and jim the wonder dog. No need to make up any new attraction like some of our smaller towns around here.
Story: Take Pride in Marshall takes off (Posted by nancy007 ~ 04/09/11)
David kemm,Doing more for marshall.Re-count please???
Story: Decrease in Slater population may be due to nuisance housing: city preps for Steve McQueen Day (Posted by nancy007 ~ 03/09/11)
I go to slater all the time and houses that were tore down had not anybody living in them for a long time,there are houses empty right now that are better than others,sure clean up the town, but remember a lot of towns that size are only getting less populated and its not some highly sought out community so work with what you have.moodyblue I think your right on the money
Story: County Commission looks at dire consequences if road tax fails (Posted by nancy007 ~ 03/08/11)
I hope there will be some serious debate over this,with the amount of snow and rain, the roads are going to be in bad shape and a 27 percent loss in funding would probably cost a few jobs to ensure funds for roads
Story: Marshall resident appears on Today Show to discuss animal hoarding (Posted by nancy007 ~ 01/29/11)
I would rather be around the animals than people,dogs are just dogs unless they are mean and aggressive,and if they are its because someone made them that way
Story: Fertilizer causes stink, raises questions (Posted by nancy007 ~ 10/20/10)
The smell is no concern of mine,lived on farm since I was born 1946,Two sons still farm just recalled something that happened the day before and ask that everyone be aware. Thank you and good night
Story: Fertilizer causes stink, raises questions (Posted by the26er ~ 10/20/10)
nancy007 - this is a farming county, the farmers travel the backroads as much as possible to avoid heavier traffic (so someone does not complain about having to slow down until they can pass), and it is currently autumn which means harvest which means even larger equipment called combines and grain trucks, sooooo.... I would imagine the chances are great you may run across one of these on any given day. That is why one must pay special attention at this time of year. Every season has it's...
Story: Fertilizer causes stink, raises questions (Posted by nancy007 ~ 10/19/10)
I dont care about any of that just, wish some of them would use flag men on narrow, hilly highways. Came over hill south of town almost had a collision.
Story: Marshall Police sweep Marshall High School parking in random drug search (Posted by nancy007 ~ 09/22/10)
that is a strange picture.couldnt get a better one
Story: Slater residents want aggressive pit bulls removed (Posted by nancy007 ~ 09/11/10)
pitbull are not the only dangerous dogs in slater, mail person was attack by some kind of mastiff few years back,people that live next to my mom have one and it got loose and came over and hung out with me for a while very nice dog need to go case by case with other breed but deadly dogs need to be a concern...
Story: Two recent dog attacks reported to Marshall police (Posted by nancy007 ~ 09/11/10)
dog owners that dont secure their dogs are just asking for trouble,I have had dogs that were protective of their property,Its nice to have a dog just take the steps to do it right.thats the main reason I have to walk at the gym or the mall even though its boring... would rather walk outside
Story: Dog killed after two hour stand-off with police (Posted by nancy007 ~ 08/31/10)
pitbull should be banned,I know its all how they were trained and all that,, known two that were the best dogs ever, both females.But most people that have them have some kind of wanna be a wangsta additude so the dog end up being a problem.Whatever dog breed is popular end up with the most dog bite reports and pits are the popular dogs for the wangsta right now,they have the potential to be deadly
Story: Storm knocks down trees in Gilliam (Posted by nancy007 ~ 08/08/10)
Hey cap thanks for calling me out I have done this work all the way from wisconsin in the middle of winter to the south, So what I got PAID big deal its when I see other alot younger and fit backin away It was just a rant I did not mention anything or anyone
Story: Storm knocks down trees in Gilliam (Posted by captaingbb ~ 08/03/10)
Wow, it is amazing to me how Snarky people can be, will no longer post photos with the Democrat. Sorry, you all didn't experience everything that went on in this neighborhood! And for Nancy007 and Gilliam Gal 2010, unless you've had anyone in your family that's had to leave the state for 3 weeks at a time to work a hurricane, ice storm, etc. I strongly suggest then when you flip on your coffee maker tomorrow, you remember why you could! They might make good money, but it's for a reason,...
Story: Storm knocks down trees in Gilliam (Posted by nancy007 ~ 08/02/10)
If it was the power company I work for, everyone first would find a place to hide,at least long enough to think of a excuse not to go out and WORK,and then whoever was made to do it would come back and act like they just saved the world and how nobody could have done it butt them of course that only if they did not come up with a excuse in the first place THANK YOU just a work rant love power company
Story: Not actually a road (Posted by nancy007 ~ 05/23/10)
maybe it was not properly mantained,light the torches and head to the park and recreation department
Story: Residents bring county road concerns to commission (Posted by nancy007 ~ 05/21/10)
My driveway is about three hundred yards long and worse than its been in forty years,whos fault is that,the two county roads that run next to our place is not the common road distict road and one is alright and the other is in need of some attention,so to be fair they are bad everywhere,and we who use it also take a toll on them, just being honest.My sons have made mud holes worse with tractor and the like. Thats just life,
Story: State lottery officials confirm: Chris Shaw wins largest Powerball jackpot ever in Missouri (Posted by nancy007 ~ 04/25/10)
make the city look bad???
Story: County officials at odds over employee termination (Posted by nancy007 ~ 04/07/10)
Did bryant want her fired? and is now running away from it?
Story: County officials at odds over employee termination (Posted by nancy007 ~ 04/02/10)
I wish some one would give the details on why she was fired,all I hear is rumors and I dont want to be the one spreading them just as such,Because the laywers{smartest of all barnyard animals} will come after me,and as for as payouts like that would be the first time that happens.The county has a hard time firing anyone no matter what, thanks to smartest of all barnyard animals.Been around long time,crooked doctors,laywers employees some do anything for a dollar,no shame, no pride just dollar...
Story: Coon Hollow Road to close, county officials report (Posted by the26er ~ 03/22/10)
Nancy007 - if you are referrring to the whole renaming and numbering for 911, yes it is. If you look at other counties they kept "CR---" as the road name, not lane or drive or trail or whatever else Saline County now has. And even though the commission says other surrounding counties have the individual signs for each yard, I would like to know where. I have driven all of the surrounding counties, I have found a few houses with them but then the neighbors won't have them, and not all have...
Story: Saline County Sheriff reports equipment troubles to commissioners (Posted by nancy007 ~ 03/18/10)
It helps to be insider
Story: County commmissioners ask for patience about road situation (Posted by nancy007 ~ 03/11/10)
I was happy to hear that they tried to repair roads today,I have been hard on them boys in the past , I understand after watching road crews in nearby county in front of sisters farm.They would repair fifty feet of road but mess up fifty feet on each side of it they were just moving mud around. So I am sorry for any undue criticism in the past
Story: (UPDATE: March 4) Candidates for the August primary election (Posted by nancy007 ~ 03/07/10)
same ole same ole time for a change.... wait thats what the president said
Story: Coon Hollow Road to close, county officials report (Posted by nancy007 ~ 03/06/10)
waste of time and tax money
Story: County roads take a beating from relentless winter weather (Posted by nancy007 ~ 03/06/10)
thats because the worker dont know what there doing
Story: Marshall youth charged with felony drug possession (Posted by nancy007 ~ 02/25/10)
Thats right on the money hickory,I have heard that same statement from many people
Story: Forgotten flea collar injures dog (UPDATE: 4:25 p.m.) (Posted by nancy007 ~ 02/14/10)
there has been worse cases of abuse to pets that were not prosecuted,depend on who you know!!
Story: 2 from Ferguson hurt in Saline County crash (Posted by nancy007 ~ 11/08/09)
ITs better to have ditch on side of road than though it or down middle.
Story: Knife attack results in arrest warrant (Posted by nancy007 ~ 11/05/09)
I think the police and the courts, law... are starting to be more aware of the male points on this,Being a women,and used to be around courtrooms before I retired, I have seen and heard of some women getting protective order as a means to get even or cause problems it easy to see it.But a judge just has to here a person say they are afraid and thats all it takes.
Story: Marshall school bond fails | Exceeds 50 percent approval threshold first time in 10 years (Posted by nancy007 ~ 11/05/09)
I think its funny,out of all the people I have talked to about this, the ones who would have children going to this school were all for it,the people who had no children or had children passed that age did not want it.
Story: Knife attack results in arrest warrant (Posted by nancy007 ~ 11/01/09)
ray: men are stronger than women so the are always guilty
Story: ConAgra donates $10,000 to feed families affected by spouse abuse (Posted by nancy007 ~ 10/23/09)

Story: Habitat for Humanity welcomes family to their new Slater home (Posted by nancy007 ~ 10/23/09)

Story: Marshall Plaza representative: 'We're not interested in selling' (Posted by nancy007 ~ 10/21/09)

Story: Marshall Plaza representative: 'We're not interested in selling' (Posted by Kathy Fairchild ~ 10/19/09)

Story: Marshall Plaza representative: 'We're not interested in selling' (Posted by nancy007 ~ 10/16/09)

Story: Alleged indoor pot grower arrested (Posted by nancy007 ~ 10/12/09)

Story: Two ConAgra employees receive GED certificates thanks to new program (Posted by nancy007 ~ 10/10/09)

Story: Obama's speech to students to be shown at Malta Bend, school board says (Posted by outsider ~ 09/14/09)

Story: Obama's speech to students to be shown at Malta Bend, school board says (Posted by nancy007 ~ 09/12/09)

Story: Farmers take initiative to fix risky intersection on state Highway 127 (Posted by nancy007 ~ 04/07/09)

Story: Speak Out February 20, 2009 to April 7, 2009 (Posted by nancy007 ~ 03/20/09)

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Story: Stover sentenced for killing puppy (Posted by koeller77 ~ 02/19/09)

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