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Tuesday, Feb. 28, 2017
2007 Carson and Barnes Circus

Carson and Barnes Circus came to the Saline County Fairgrounds and put on two magnificient shows involving elephants, high-wire and trapeze acts, and the ever-so-popular clowns on Monday, June 25.

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A Carson and Barnes Circus worker pulls to lay out a small tent to be used at the circus. (Jon Strickland/Democrat-News)

Workers of the Carson and Barnes Circus prepare an elephant to help raise the "Big Top" tent at the Saline County Fairground Monday morning, July 25. (Jon Strickland/Democrat-News)

Parents Lisa and Gary Bowlen gaze at the elephants with their children Rhiannon and Alexia. (Jon Strickland/Democrat-News)

Carson and Barnes Circus workers get ready to lay power cables at the fairground. (Jon Strickland/Democrat-News)

Second grade students from Southeast Elementary School watch as posts are driven into the ground by a machine to hold down the "Big Top" tent. (Jon Strickland/Democrat-News)

Gage Lewis, Michael Williams, and Kyle Webber pet a goat from the circus at the fairground. (Jon Strickland/Democrat-News)

Workers place a harness around an elephant which will pull poles up to raise the "Big Top" tent. (Jon Strickland/Democrat-News)

Workers set up a smaller tent at the fairground to prepare for the Carson and Barnes Circus held last night. (Jon Strickland/Democrat-News)

A worker stands on the edge of a roof to place an American flag on top. (Jon Strickland/Democrat-News)

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