St. Peter School's May 20 Snow Cone Day

Thursday, May 20, 2021
Danielle Linton-Hatfield/Democrat-News

Walking outside to the campus playground of St. Peter School, in Marshall, on the last day of school Thursday morning, May 20, kindergarten through eighth grade students marveled at the blue Kona Ice truck from Sedalia. Every class and age group followed their teachers’ instructions to patiently wait in line before going to retrieve a snow cone. Once each student was given a snow cone, they used the back handle tips of their spoons to press against the syrup levers. The most popular flavor among the students appeared to be either Tiger’s Blood or Blue Raspberry. However, there were a few who partook in other flavors such as Monster Mango and Strawberry’D Treasure. During this last day of school, the students smiled and talked with their friends while sitting outside enjoying this goodbye treat with their teachers. The event went from 9-10 a.m.