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2007 Flood

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The whole in the secondary levee is not very small as you can see the two parts of the levee on each side of this picture. (Carroll County) (Rachel Harper/Democrat-News)

This is one of several spots where the levee breached. (Carroll County) (Rachel Harper/Democrat-News)

This primary levee south of Norborne was the first to break. There are three or four other breaks in the primary, however, with water current many are still hard to get to. Roger Harper said the break started out the size of a pickup and now is a 1/4 of a mile in length. (Carroll County) (Rachel Harper/Democrat-News)

Through the main break in the primary levee, viewers can see the normal path of the Missouri River. (Carroll County) (Rachel Harper/Democrat-News)

When water comes into farm land it leaves many presents behind which mainly include sand and debree. This is one limb sticking out from a huge Cottonwood tree that once stood on the primary levee. (Carroll County) (Rachel Harper/Democrat-News)

Flooded crop ground is not in short supply. This is a vew from the bottoms of Norborne facing east toward Carrollton. (Carroll County) (Rachel Harper/Democrat-News)

A few barns sit in flood water. (Carroll County) (Rachel Harper/Democrat-News)

These two tractors were not taken out of the barn when waters came rushing in on Wednesday, May 9. Before waters started falling only the exhaust pipes and top of the seats stuck out of the water. Water lines that still remain on many barns in the area show that the floodwaters in 1993 were six inches above the cut in the boards. (Carroll County) (Rachel Harper/Democrat-News)

The sunset on Sunday, May 13, provided a beautiful picture over the floodwater south of Norborne. (Carroll County) (Rachel Harper/Democrat-News)

Past the point of the secondary levee on the right, there is three breaks on the primary levee that are still moving water through in a rapid speed causing landowners problems when trying to boat down to see the damage. (Carroll County) (Rachel Harper/Democrat-News)

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