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Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2017
2007 Flood

In an event reminiscent of the great flood of 1993, area rivers spilled over their banks, topped levees and sent volunteers scrambling to hold back the onslaught.

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Grand Pass farmer Don Arth shows the temporary lake setting atop several thousand acres of cropland in the Grand Pass bottoms. The area was flooded Tuesday afternoon, May 8, after several breaches occurred in secondary levees. The main levee protecting area homes, shown immediately behind Arth, was holding up well Thursday morning, he said. (Eric Crump/Democrat-News)

Jason Hilbrenner catches a sandbag tossed by Robin Kalthoff as the two attempt to shore up a secondary levee near Grand Pass Tuesday, May 8. (Eric Crump/Democrat-News)

Missouri River flood water gushes over a secondary levee north of Malta Bend Tuesday, May 8. (Chris Allen/Democrat-News)

Debris sails past this sign at the Grand Pass Conservation Area on the flooded Missouri River Tuesday, May 8. (Chris Allen/Democrat-News)

Jason Hilbrenner places a sandbag on a secondary levee near Grand Pass Tuesday morning, May 8. (Eric Crump/Democrat-News)

Justus Hostetter totes one sandbag over each shoulder while helping load a truck that will shuttle the sandbags to workers at the levees protecting the Grand Pass bottoms from the Missouri River. (Eric Crump/Democrat-News)

Josh Moenkoff finishes placing the last sandbag from a load. (Eric Crump/Democrat-News)

(Eric Crump/Democrat-News)

Estherlene Schreiman ties off a sandbag at the bagging point on Route T north of Grand Pass Tuesday, May 8. "Even us grandmas help out," she said. (Eric Crump/Democrat-News)

Jason Hilbrenner drives along the top of a secondary levee Tuesday, May 8, on his way to get another load of sandbags. (Eric Crump/Democrat-News)

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