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2007 Houston Mull Scholarship Cattle Drive

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Libbi Loos, Trent's daughter, smiles for the camera as she leads a horse. (Marcia Gorrell/Democrat-News)

Tim and Susan Pointer and Tyler Jenkins enjoy a chuck wagon-style breakfast that was served Saturday morning, Nov. 3. Biscuits and gravy, sausage links and scrambled eggs made up the menu. (Marcia Gorrell/Democrat-News)

Tim Pointer smiles as Orval Irwin serves him a spoonful of gravy as Kenny Gordon prepares to serve scrambled eggs to Pointer. (Marcia Gorrell/Democrat-News)

Ahhh... a break! (Marcia Gorrell/Democrat-News)

Breakfast time! Don May, center, takes over serving spoonfuls of gravy. (Marcia Gorrell/Democrat-News)

Loos helped organize the first drive just four months after Houston's death and is still riding, actually leading the drive, four years later. (Rachel Harper/Democrat-News)

Riders wait for the cattle so they can start the six-mile drive to the northern part of Malta Bend. (Rachel Harper/Democrat-News)

More riders wait while others are still coming up the road to the point where the cattle and riders meet. (Rachel Harper/Democrat-News)

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