Speak Out: Why doesn't the school board follow Robert's Rules

Posted by Amperage on Tue, Apr 4, 2017, at 6:39 AM:


They so loosely follow the Robert’s Rules it is a joke! Case in Point; Board meeting on March 22, 2017 concerning the vote on the 2016-2017 school calendar. I am not sure where on the agenda the vote was to take place, it should have been under new business. I did not see in the minutes or paper that there was a vote to open a discussion about an amendment but there was obviously discussion. In the end when the vote was taken it was a tie 2-2. Policy is that 4 members is a quorum, 4 members were present, 4 members voted to a 2-2 tie. Robert’s Rules; a tie is a NO vote. That should have been the end of it, however, it was somehow decided to ignore this vote and try again the next night at the special school board meeting when there would be a “majority” of voters. There was no indication of a motion being made, discussion or a vote to “revote” the next night that I saw reported on the minutes or in the paper.

The special school board meeting was scheduled far enough ahead that the board members would have known who could be present and who could not. Turns out (Hemeyer) could not attend this second vote and if you remember from the night before he voted against changing the calendar. Had he been there the vote would have been 3-3 and still a NO vote by rule. What should we make of this?

Seems to me the way the school board acted was in a manner that “we should just keep voting until we get the results someone wants” Bugger the rules! What is worrisome to me is for some reason the 7 people running our school district cannot conduct a fair vote, under rule; right in front of the public, the press even god himself. I makes you wonder what is going on behind closed doors during the closed meeting. Are they really following the rules and the law in those meetings? They say they want to make things clear and transparent, always. It is very clear the rules are transparent.

I am not really jaded over the final decision. To be honest, our plans with the family for this spectacular event were not going to change either way. The only thing that will change is they will be officially absent from school. I am positive that absence will not just be unique to us. To me it is really a big picture issue. There will be so many decisions coming up in the future. Will they handle those in the same way? Will they vote until they get the results that “someone or somebodies” want? Can we trust them in closed meetings? Will they really make their decisions transparent? Time will tell. We will see.

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