Have your kids take a photo of their lunch

Posted by oldschool17 on Mon, Mar 13, 2017, at 8:41 AM:

My daughter eats lunch at the middle school every day and I've actually eaten with her a time or two & it's just fine. Actually looks better & more options than when I was in school so I don't see the issue.

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  • I don't have kids in school, but I asked my neighbors kid what he thinks. That exercise was a total waste of time. I chalk it up to teenage apathy.

    Undeterred I looked up the school menus. By description they sound delicious, more bread and cheese than I would feed kids and not enough vegetables, but acceptable.

    Then it hit me. "Why not ask the adults who see this food every day at work?" A total "DUH" moment.

    I was kinda confused when I couldn't find a single school worker who didn't pack their children's lunch if they could afford to do so. Which led me to two disturbing questions: 1) why do the people who see the children eat every day choose to feed their own children something else? And 2) why do we have people working with our children who aren't making enough money to choose what they feed their own kids?!!!

    I understand that my findings aren't a study or survey conducted in any kind of scientific or statistical way. I'm not claiming that these are nation wide or state wide or even county wide trends. This is only among the school professionals that I know from only a few schools close to here. 25-30 people tops.

    -- Posted by R1cardo on Sun, Mar 19, 2017, at 2:35 PM
  • Whatever you do, Don't have your kid take pictures of their school lunch!!!!

    The neighbor and his kid are both really angry with me. I asked him to take a pic of his meal with his phone which was promptly confiscated by an administrator who will remain nameless. They got it back but his dad had to go up to the school to retrieve it.

    -- Posted by R1cardo on Mon, Mar 20, 2017, at 2:39 PM

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