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RETIREMENT - 40 YEARS WITHOUT A PAYCHECK! Retirement - Could equal 40 years without a paycheck! For some, that is a real possibility. Research is showing 44% of all early boomer households are likely to run short of money in retirement. Outliving our assets is becoming a real retirement anxiety. Factors that are causing this include loss of a spouse, inflation/declining purchasing power, and taxation. Consider this: A healthy 65 year old male - 50% chance of living to 85. -A healthy 65 year old female - 50% chance of living to 88. -A healthy couple, both 65 - 50% probability of one spouse seeing age ...Last updated: 07/18/2014 8:56 AM
Linda says: "2013, The Worst Year of My Life" Linda has one the most inspirational Plexus testimonies I have ever witnessed. I highly suggest you take a minute to read her story! On Jan 4, 2013, I passed out and stopped breathing. Thankfully it was the early morning hours so my husband was home. He was able to get me to start breathing again, while on the phone with 911. That was the first of many ambulance rides, hospital stays, ICU admissions, test, torture (indescribable pain), medicines, needles, Dr's, and trials beyond comprehension for myself and my family. MY illnesses and diseases at that time or during my unhealthy 2013 ...Last updated: 07/18/2014 8:44 AM