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A time for action
Posted Thursday, February 26, at 11:19 AM
Scripture tells us that the Christian church is built upon the truth that Jesus was and is the Messiah, the son of the Living God. The Bible also states that the church -- or the body of Christ -- is, just like our own bodies, made up of many different parts...

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Love one another ... ?
Posted Thursday, February 19, at 12:24 PM

"This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends." John 15:12-13 The Bible talks about how important it is for believers to lay down their lives for a friend -- but what does that mean?...

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You have to know how to ...
Posted Thursday, February 5, at 8:31 AM

(Editor's note: This column is part two in a series.) I was sitting in my office the other day when I overheard part of a conversation. It went something like this: "You have to know how to cut up a whole chicken ... 'cause sometime you're gonna have a whole chicken."...

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Posted Wednesday, January 28, at 7:52 AM

Change: "to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of something different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone." There are several more definitions for the word "change" available, but I think I like this one best. It is simple and to the point, and speaks of change in a universal fashion. Change is just that ... making a thing or situation different...

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Down in the holler
Posted Wednesday, January 21, at 7:24 AM

The old home place near the Tomahawk on Hanover Road in Stone County, Ark., -- though I have dwelt away from it most of my life -- has always held a special place in my heart ... or as Hawthorne stated about his much-loved Salem, the old farmstead "possesses a hold on my affections ..."...

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Vision ... Or Prophetic Revelation
Posted Thursday, January 15, at 8:35 AM

Proverbs tells us -- in the King James Version of scriptures - that "where there is no vision, the people perish." (Proverbs 29:18). In my humble opinion, this might well be one of the most misunderstood and misapplied verses in the Bible. Preachers and church leadership conferences and church leadership books often quote this verse as a rationale for getting churches and pastors to formulate what they call a church vision statement. ...

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Eternal vs. temporal
Posted Wednesday, January 7, at 10:26 AM

We all love to receive things: gifts, phone calls and cards from friends and loved ones, or special recognition for a job well-done. And all of these things are great. Even when we receive something we've earned through our own efforts, it gives a sense of accomplishment...

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Old Aunt Gzyne?
Posted Tuesday, January 6, at 10:45 AM

So ... We come to the end of another year. And during this time of year we often hear folks sing a song, really a poem set to music, that some may not truly understand. You know the one I'm talking about ... That song about old acquaintances being forgotten and so on. Remember?...

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For all ... a message of praise!
Posted Wednesday, December 24, at 12:57 PM

In the past two columns we looked at messages delivered from other sources during the time of the birth of Jesus. All of these messages can be found in the second chapter of Luke in the New Testament. Let's look at one more message delivered during the time of our deliverance: the message delivered by the shepherds in verses 15-20...

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For Others ... A Message of Peace
Posted Thursday, December 18, at 7:54 AM

So ... we've looked at the message delivered by the Innkeeper in Luke chapter two. It was a message that portrayed the sorrow, sadness and separation that could be very real for those without Jesus. Now let's look at another message -- this one delivered by an angelic messenger accompanied by an angelic choir. ...

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For Some ... A Message of Sorrow
Posted Wednesday, December 10, at 8:35 AM

So ... we've made it past Thanksgiving and suffered through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. And through it all we've heard many messages: messages of great deals and best buys and holiday specials and "you absolutely need this in your life." We've heard that we can't possibly make it another year (or maybe even another day) without a new car, or a new video game, or a new video game system, or the latest flat-screen (or is the latest one curved?) television, or a new coffee maker (by the cup or by the pot). ...

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Of Bells and Good Will
Posted Wednesday, December 3, at 7:39 AM

We spent the week of Thanksgiving working on the old homestead in Arkansas. It was nice to get away. By Friday, I was ready to make the transition from Thanksgiving (my favorite American holiday) to the Christmas season and all its fun and fancy. Then I made a huge mistake: I sat down and watched the news...

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I'm So Grateful
Posted Wednesday, November 19, at 8:17 AM

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and everyone is putting out their "things I am thankful for" lists. So I thought I would offer mine. ... (And rest assured this is no complete or exhaustive list.) I am thankful for: Life ... It's a dance -- and I am still learning as I go...

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Mountain Pride: Revisited
Posted Wednesday, November 12, at 8:06 AM

Note: This is a rewrite in light of glimmer of hope seen by some after the recent elections. So I ask you ... How does it feel to be living in a "post-Constitution" America? It looks as if that's what we've come to if things don't change - and quickly - in Washington D.C. ...

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You Have to Know How To ...
Posted Wednesday, October 29, at 7:44 AM

I was sitting in my office the other day when I overheard part of a conversation in the office next door. It went something like this: "You have to know how to cut up a whole chicken ... 'cause sometime you're gonna have a whole chicken." And ... that got me to thinking. Just how many things are there in this old world that we need to know how to do because "sometime" we're going to need to know how to do them?...

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Why Blame Anyone?
Posted Wednesday, October 15, at 8:01 AM

So ... the World Health Organization is warning us there could be up to 10,000 new cases a week in two months. That's 80,000 new cases in the next two months. And that's just an estimate. The warning is qualified, of course, with the note that the majority of the cases are in West Africa...

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Why Blame God?
Posted Wednesday, October 8, at 1:18 PM

When bad things happen, many folks seem to just naturally begin to blame God. And that's too bad, really. These same people refuse to understand there are various factors working together to being about any bad situation. Society influences what happens in our lives. The spiritual atmosphere around us influences our lives. Even wickedness and sin influence the happenings we experience daily...

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A Long Ride through History
Posted Tuesday, September 30, at 7:40 AM

Moscow, Russia: 1993 - The train, a pair of ancient diesel locomotives pulling a long line of pre-WWII looking freight, passenger and coal cars, pulled out of Tallinn, Estonia late in the evening. My companions and I had been in the air, on the sea, and on the road for several days and were looking forward to this leg of the trip being a time of rest...

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Why .... (fill in the blank)?
Posted Friday, September 26, at 10:05 AM

Recently, I heard someone ask a few of his friends the following question: "Why do we need shrubs?" Now, that's an interesting question. And it got me to thinking about other "why's" I've thought of through the years. For instance: Why do we have snakes?...

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Autumn On The Tomahawk
Posted Friday, September 19, at 2:04 PM

This past week has had all the earmarks of the beginning of my favorite season -- autumn. The neighbors started harvesting the corn crop. The temperatures dipped into the upper 30s a couple of nights and stayed in the upper 50s a day or so. Tuesday I heard a bunch of Canada Geese fly over the office. The apples trees are full of their bounty and ready to be shed of their bumper crop. There was even an archery- harvested deer hanging in the tree beside the house Tuesday morning...

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