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Capitol Report, Sept. 8

Posted Friday, September 9, 2016, at 2:23 PM

This Sunday the nation will pause to reflect and remember the nearly 3,000 lives that were lost 15 years ago on Tuesday, September 11th, 2001. In Missouri, the efforts of emergency responders are recognized with Emergency Services Day and Emergency Personnel Appreciation Day, both of which take place each year on 9/11. Both days are meant to acknowledge, with special gratitude and profound respect, all public safety personnel, including police, firefighters, ambulance personnel, emergency dispatchers, and corrections officers. Thank you for your service!

In other news, next Wednesday House and Senate members will travel back to the Capitol in order to reconvene for the Annual Veto Session. In anticipation of Veto Session, this week I will wrap up the remaining bills that may be reheard next week.

Bills for Veto Session

--University of Missouri Extension (HB 2237) -- This bill specifies that it shall not be a conflict of interest for any county commissioner to discuss any matters, including budget matters, of any board or commission on which the commissioner serves, including the University of Missouri Extension Council. In addition, any member of the University of Extension Council may obtain financing in his or her own name for any real or personal property and that such financing shall not be a debt of the university.

Veto Date: 07/08/16

--Health Care (SB 608) -- This bill changes several provisions related to health care. Beginning October 1, 2016, the Department of Social Services shall require MO HealthNet participants to pay an eight dollar co-payment fee for use of a hospital emergency department for the treatment of a condition that is not an emergency medical condition. The Department shall promulgate rules for the implementation of this provision.

This bill also permits fee-for-service MO HealthNet health care providers, to the extent permitted by laws pertaining to the termination of patient care, to charge a missed appointment fee to MO HealthNet participants that such participants must pay before scheduling another appointment with that provider. The fee may be charged for missed appointments or for failing to cancel an appointment within 24 hours prior to the appointment. The permissible fees are as follows: No charge for the first missed appointment in a three-year period, $5 for the second missed appointment in a three-year period, $10 for the third missed appointment in a three-year period, and $20 for the fourth and each subsequent missed appointment in a three-year period. Health care providers shall waive the fee in cases of inclement weather. The health care provider shall not charge to nor shall the MO HealthNet participant be reimbursed by the MO HealthNet program for the missed appointment fee.

Veto Date: 07/05/16

--Political Subdivisions (SB 867) -- This act contains provisions relating to taxes, counties, sheltered workshops, consolidation of road districts, license office fees, museum districts, highway designations, alcohol at the St. Louis airport, commercial zones, and property managers in Kansas City. Currently, the revenues from a 1 percent sales tax in St. Louis County are distributed to unincorporated areas of the county as well as municipalities based on a formula. What are commonly called "Group B" entities pool their revenue from the tax. After a diversion to account for incorporation of previously unincorporated areas, revenues are generally split amongst the municipalities and unincorporated areas of the county in Group B by population, regardless of where the tax was collected.

Beginning January 1, 2017, municipalities and the unincorporated areas of the county in Group B receive at least 50 percent of the tax revenue generated in such municipality or unincorporated area of the county. However, the new formula shall not apply in any year where the total amount of sales taxes collected in the county is less than the amount collected in calendar year 2014 and any adjustment to provide a Group B entity with 50 percent of the tax revenue generated in that area shall not result in another Group B entity receiving less revenue than it received in 2014.

Veto Date: 06/23/16

--Alcohol (SB 994) -- This act modifies provisions relating to alcohol. Currently, the Missouri Wine and Grape Board may participate in studies in the areas of sales, promotions, and the effective distribution of Missouri wines in order to achieve the goals of the Board. Under this act, the Board would also be able to oversee and provide any professional or legal services to promote such marketing goals. Under current law, if any person's dealer license or permit is revoked, they shall not be granted any new liquor license or permit, or be allowed to work for any establishment possessing a liquor license or permit.

Under this act, any person whose license or permit has been revoked shall be eligible to work as an employee of an establishment holding a license 5 years after the person's license revocation, and such person shall be able to reapply for a new license or permit after 5 years. Any license or permit reapplication after 5 years shall be issued at the discretion of the Division of Alcohol and Tobacco Control. Currently, a person may receive a license to sell liquor by the drink on any boat licensed by the United States Coast Guard to carry 100 or more passengers. This act instead allows such license to be issued for boats licensed to carry 30 or more passengers. This act also repeals a provision that allows a person to get a license to serve liquor by the drink at retail for consumption on a boat that can carry 45 to 99 passengers and is on Table Rock Lake.

Veto Date: 07/01/16

--Sales Tax on Instructional Classes (SB 1025) -- Under current law, the definition of "sale at retail" for purposes of sales tax law includes charges and fees to or in places of recreation. This act provides that the definition does not include amounts paid for instructional classes. In addition, current law imposes a four percent tax on the amounts paid to or in places of recreation. This act excludes amounts paid for instructional classes.

Veto Date: 06/28/16

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