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Saturday, Feb. 13, 2016
The hospital quandary (01/29/14)

It froze on my parade! (12/10/13)

St. Peter's musical Michael Jordan leaves the stage behind (12/02/13)

'Brother against brother' is more than a textbook cliche (09/13/13)

Breaking news: Confederate & Union troops approaching Marshall (09/12/13)

Thank you, Marshall! (08/14/13) 3

You might not think so based on recent weather, but winter is doomed (03/05/13) 3

'Ask the Superintendent' forum provides a chance to learn about Marshall Public Schools (09/18/12) 1

National Register of Historic Places: Strings attached? Not necessarily (08/01/12)

Marshall's Civil War battle (07/14/12) 2

Health care is key to economic health (06/18/12) 4

Guinea pig votes (02/07/12)

Happy birthday, Bob James (01/30/12) 2

Agenda for meeting: Jazz it up! (01/30/12) 7

Dancing on the keyboard: The latest from Bob James (12/05/11)

Can the Girl Scout cabin be saved? (12/01/11) 3

Dress right (11/30/11) 3

Another Valley football great is lost (10/19/11)

The streets are alive with the sound of music (07/07/11) 2

Zookeeper seeks lonely musical instruments (07/05/11) 6

A golden day: The first Bob James Jazz Fest exceeds expectations (06/30/11) 4

Marshall is jazz (But what kind of jazz?) (05/16/11) 4

Blues awards announced (05/06/11)

RIP Career Ladder & Saline County High (04/23/11) 5

Art and music: MPO/BMS and Bob James share approach (04/18/11)

Marshall is music: Education is the heart of the Bob James Jazz Festival (04/11/11)

Archaeologists unearth 'ancient' photos (04/07/11)

More detail on the city administrator issue (Update 10 a.m. Feb. 10) (02/10/11) 37

PahloArt founders struggle but won't give up hope (01/28/11) 2

The continuing saga of print v. web (01/25/11) 10

Put away your verbal scatterguns (01/09/11) 25

Prepaying for feasting ahead (11/25/10) 1

Marshall is jazz (11/12/10) 10

FAMily events are the best events (10/27/10) 2

People want to hear what veterans have to say (09/10/10) 1

Greetings from Sydney (09/03/10)

The Bob James Jazz Festival (09/02/10) 2

Marshall Jazz ... Camp? (08/12/10) 3

Marshall Jazz gets a start, keeps a going (08/11/10) 1

Market on the Square: Marshall's contribution to larger trend (06/13/10) 3

Chris Shaw? Never heard of him (04/26/10) 4

Thou shalt not spit, snark or snarl (04/17/10)

Better dork than dead (04/13/10) 1

Work in progess: Firings and resignations and emergency services (04/12/10) 8

Out of the Inbox: Gentlemen, start your feet (04/05/10) 6

Between the past and the future, the question of snow (12/01/09) 3

Time for a new preservation effort? (10/31/09) 12

New sign, same great theater experience at the Lyceum (06/04/09)

Winter hike at Van Meter State Park (01/25/09) 9

Is The Marshall Democrat-News picking on Wally George? (01/23/09) 6

Let troops know we care (11/23/08)

Election Day Updates (How long was your line?) (11/04/08) 9

Squeezing the most out of every last drop of gas (05/24/08) 4

The kitchen table classroom & my first rhetoric teacher (03/22/08) 5

The meth problem (03/14/08) 3

I (almost) believe in evil again (02/20/08) 45

Jazzed about the possibilities: Remembering Michael Williams (02/16/08) 2

Lost (or at least mostly forgotten) town rediscovered (06/30/07) 9

A boring test entry (06/08/07) 3

Eric Crump is a former editor of The Marshall Democrat-News. He lives elsewhere now but still loves Marshall and Saline County. He's trying to catch up on all the stories he should have written while he was on staff.