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Why I Go To Work Every Day

Posted Sunday, August 19, 2012, at 5:58 PM

This is not the dog depicted in my story. But isn't he just the cutest thing? His name is Shorty, and he is available for adoption right now--Give us a call at 660-831-0420. ***UPDATE 8-20-12*** Shorty has been adopted! We have a few more small housedogs available, call us today!!
Let's be honest, some days you wish you had just not come to work at all. I know you've had those days; I sure have. But here's a day I was so GLAD to be at work:

We'd had a little dog in the Shelter for a couple of days, cute little guy, a Chihuahua who was surprisingly friendly unlike some that we have had. So cute, in fact, that we had already gotten interest from several individuals in adopting him. Of course, we must keep animals for 7 days before they are available for adoption, in case their owners find them with us and reclaim them.

Close to the end of my shift a family came into the Shelter. The mom didn't speak much English, so a daughter of about 11 helped her explain that they had lost their dog. Three sets of children's eyes watched me closely, stairsteps, and so very serious. As I asked what type of dog they were missing, sex and coloring, size, I realized that the cute Chihuahua was probably their dog. But I always try to quiz people very closely about what kind of animal they have lost before we go view the possible candidate. After getting all the pertinent descriptors, I asked them to follow me. We went into the Cat Room (where you know we often house the really little dogs or pups). The children looked around at all the cats. They were very quiet, taking it all in. I motioned to them to come to the back of the room and pointed my finger. Their eyes followed my gesture, and pandemonium erupted! The children and even mom were shouting and gleeful, and the little Chihuahua barked and jumped up and down, trying to get out of the pen and into their arms. I usually kind of want to get some kind of proof of ownership before I let someone reclaim an animal, but sometimes you just KNOW that a family has been reunited. This was one of those times. And it made me glad to be at work.

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