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Be a Helper, but not Too Much

Posted Monday, June 18, 2012, at 5:01 PM

It is that time of year when momma kitties are having kittens around Marshall. And they are having them everywhere. In the house, outside the house, under the house, in a ditch, behind the shed, in the bushes.... You name it, they are hiding them there. Many times you may come across kittens by accident, and darn those momma kitties, they have left those babies all alone. They are so small and helpless, and your first reaction may be to swoop those babies up and try to care for them yourself, or bring them into the Animal Shelter. Some cat-wise folks have advised us that this is not the best first reaction to have upon finding tiny kittens. More likely than not, the momma cat is just out of your sight, keeping watch over the babies, or just out hunting a meal for herself, and she'll be back shortly. Our suggestion is that you watch and wait. Give momma a chance to get back to her babies. She knows how to care for them best. Unless the kittens are in an immediate danger situation, it is best to leave them be, at least for a while. Kittens are hard to raise by hand, especially if they are tiny. So give mom a chance to do what she does best.

Speaking of kittens, we have a bunch right now! If you are in the market for a kitten, we have them in many sizes and colors. Most of them will come to you with their first kitten shots and worming. Kittens are adopted by making a $52 deposit to the veterinarian of your choice. This is a down payment toward the eventual spay or neuter of the youngster and their first rabies shot. Call us for more information, and for the best selection! 660-831-0420.

Many, many thanks to the Saline Animal League for their tireless efforts to keep our animals healthy and adoptable!! They are celebrating their 15th anniversary this month!! HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, SAL!!! ***

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