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Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Posted Friday, May 11, 2012, at 6:48 PM

A while back I worked by myself with little extra help. On days like that, you have to make every minute count and power through the work with very little "quality" time spent with the animals. I was working the cat room like a fiend, scooping poop and wiping down cages quickly in an effort to get this essential cleaning done for the cats that day before my shift ended. I always open up a number of cages and let the cats and kittens roam freely, in order to give them a few minutes of the day outside a cage. Most of the cats did their own thing, but Lollipop was hampering my progress. She was underfoot constantly, rubbing on my legs and talking to me and tripping me up as I moved back and forth through the room. It was irritating, I have to say, mostly since I didn't have time to fool with her and needed to get the work done. After more furious cleaning I realized that Lollipop was no longer underfoot. I looked around, thinking I would see her. I thought maybe she had found a place to hide out for a while, in a cabinet or behind something, so I continued with my work. When I finally finished the room I still hadn't seen or heard from her, so I called and looked and finally figured that she would come out when she was good and ready, so I closed up and left for home, figuring she would greet me loudly the next morning.

Next morning came around and still no Lollipop! Now I was beginning to panic, thinking that maybe she had slipped out of the cat room sometime during my cleaning frenzy and was outside or somewhere unsafe. I finally started tearing the room apart to find her, and lo and behold found the little rascal right where she had been all night--wedged between the back of the cat cages and the wall. All I could see was her ample hind end and tail. I called for help to pull out the cages, and grabbed her and pulled her out. She was awfully glad to see us! I immediately took her to her cage, for I was sure she was hungry and thirsty after her tight night. She had NO interest in sustenance or drink, however; she was more interested in getting back in my arms for some quality loving. So, my lessons for the day were...........never give up........and..........sometimes love is better than food and drink!

Speaking of cats and kittens, we are starting to get that yearly avalanche of kittens at the Shelter. They are cute, cute, cute!! For those who prefer an adult cat we have a nice selection, including some who are declawed. Check out our cats and all our pets at www.salineanimalleague.org

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