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Posted Wednesday, August 20, at 2:09 PM
TIME IS RUNNING OUT!!! Sunshine as been in our shelter since 6/13/13. This is a VERY SPECIAL kitty!!! She is quite shy, but once you win her trust she will shower you with love and lots of purring. She definitely is a talker! She isn't crazy playful or destructive and prefers to hang out sleeping. ...

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Posted Friday, August 8, at 8:58 AM

Keeping animals with a cold in the shelter, even while being medicated, increases the risk to healthy kittens and puppies. What the Marshall Animal Shelter needs right now are foster homes where the little ones can get their medicine and lots of rest. ...

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Tails From The Shelter
Posted Monday, June 16, at 1:43 PM

As the weather warms up, please remember that your outside dogs need access to fresh water 24hrs a day. If they dump their water bowl, it needs to be refilled. They also need shelter from the baking rays of the sun. Dogs can overheat easily and quickly...

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It's Beginning to Look Like.....Kitten Season!!!!!!
Posted Wednesday, June 4, at 11:11 AM

The kitten apocalypse has begun here at the shelter! We've got orange kittens, black kittens, grey kittens, long haired kittens, short haired kittens. You name what you want and we've probably got it either here or in a foster home. Right now, we are having a 2/1 kitten adoption special! The adoption fee for kittens is $52.00 paid to your vet. ...

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Feral cat problem?
Posted Thursday, February 27, at 12:40 PM

About three hundred cats were EUTHANIZED in a year, three hundred were spayed, and four hundred and seventy five were neutered, with some trapped and released by citizens thanking they were helping When in fact they are adding to the problem by removing the feral cats it opens the door for more feral cat's to Move in, same problem . One citizen told me he had caught ninety cats this year ...

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We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends
Posted Friday, February 7, at 9:18 AM

This weather is about to get us down, and the snow and ice are crushing! If any of our friends out there have the equipment, ability and inclination to clear our parking lot, it would be greatly appreciated! We can also use ice melt to thaw out our sidewalks. For more info please call us at 831-0420. Thanks, Marshall, you always come through for us!!...

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"Take a Chance on Me...."
Posted Wednesday, February 5, at 2:53 PM

This delightful Yorkie came into the Shelter as a stray last year. He was geriatric by anyone's standards, missing most of his teeth and just kind of a mess. We always worry about dogs or cats in this kind of shape, in the autumn of their lives. Truthfully, it asks a lot of a potential adopter to take on the kinds of issues that you know about, and real commitment to take on the problems you can't predict in an older animal. ...

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Time to Spay and Neuter!!
Posted Thursday, January 30, at 2:36 PM

We know it seems early, but NOW is a great time to have your pets altered. This means they undergo a surgical procedure that makes them unable to reproduce. In females it is referred to as a spay; in males, a neuter. In only a few months there will dozens and dozens of unwanted puppies and kittens brought into the Shelter. ...

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Is Winter Over Yet?????
Posted Thursday, January 23, at 9:43 AM

This isn't one of our dogs, but we couldn't resist sharing this pic with you. It is COLD out there!! Take good care of your animals during these frigid days, and if you see animals around town without proper shelter, call the Marshall Police Department at 886-7411 so it can be checked out. We want all our 4-legged friends to be safe and warm!!...

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Oh NO, NO, NO!!!
Posted Sunday, January 12, at 7:18 PM

Aren't you enjoying our little winter thaw! We sure are! But just so you don't forget that it is still JANUARY, we thought you would enjoy a picture of our friend Gabby Rose at her new home. She is obviously enjoying the snow. Well, at least a little dab of snow!...

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No Laughing Matter
Posted Monday, January 6, at 1:30 PM

We thought this card was pretty funny, but the weather outside right now is no laughing matter. Bring your outdoor pets inside until the dangerous temperatures subside,or make CERTAIN that they have plentiful food, fresh water and a very substantial shelter. And while you are at it, make sure you are dressed for the weather and stock your car with supplies in case of a breakdown. Remember, the staff of the Marshall Animal Shelter care about you and your pets!...

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A Christmas Message from Gabby Rose
Posted Sunday, December 29, at 12:31 PM

Hey gals and guys,remember me, Gabby Rose? I trust all is going well at the shelter and all had a Merry Christmas. I think about you all often, miss you too. (You can read Gabby's first message to the Shelter here: http://www.marshallnews.com/blogs/animal-shelter/entry/54837/ )...

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Posted Monday, December 23, at 7:00 PM

From the Marshall Animal Shelter family to yours, Merry Christmas! The Shelter will be closed for business on December 25.

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Bring Some Joy Into Your Life...
Posted Wednesday, December 18, at 12:42 PM

Pets can involve some work, to be sure,and there is some expense and responsibility involved. But the joy and fun and laughs they can bring are sure worth it! Now is a great time to find room in your family for a cat or a dog from the Marshall Animal Shelter. Open 7 days per week for your convenience, the staff can help you find just the right pet for your family. Call today at 660-831-0420 or drop by the Shelter between 8 and 4 at 325 N. Grant. Your new best friend is waiting for you!!...

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Baby, It's COLD Outside!!
Posted Wednesday, December 11, at 7:07 PM

We've had some awfully cold and nasty weather here in Marshalltown, with more to come before winter even officially starts. While you are preparing your car, sidewalks and furnace for wintery weather, make sure to give attention to your outdoor pets. Make sure they have adequate shelter to keep them dry and warm, water free from ice, and plenty of food to fill their bellies. On those really, really cold nights you may want to bring them into the house or garage...

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Special Needs....or just Special
Posted Tuesday, December 3, at 4:37 PM

Sometimes an animal comes into the Shelter and, due to circumstances, they have a hard time finding a home. That was the case with Emily, the cat. Emily, or Ems,as she is sometimes called, came into the Shelter as a stray way back in February. A very friendly, chubby, beautiful cat, she eventually went to Petsmart to stay for a while to be adopted, but then came down with the dreaded upper respiratory junk that spreads so quickly among cats in confined settings such as shelters. ...

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All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go
Posted Tuesday, November 19, at 9:00 PM

We'd like for you to meet Navi. He just spent the last two months at the Boonville Correctional Center. No, he wasn't in trouble, he was there to learn housetraining, basic obedience and all sorts of other great things in their Puppies for Parole program. ...

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Help! Get us out of here!!!!
Posted Thursday, November 14, at 8:51 PM

The Marshall Animal Shelter currently has a delightful, varied and HUGE assortment of cats and kittens available for adoption. These particular kittens have had enough, and they say "GET US OUT OF HERE!!!" Come down to the Shelter right away or call for the latest deals on cats! It's cold, don't you need a nice lapwarmer for the winter???...

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Posted Friday, October 25, at 6:54 PM

The Marshall Animal Shelter is just full of cats and kittens looking for good homes. Contact the Shelter today to see who might round out your family! If you already have plenty of cats, give them the gift of a spay or neuter. They will be happier and so will you!...

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Welcome to the Shelter Family!
Posted Friday, October 11, at 10:16 AM

There have been recent changes in the Shelter family. Danita Phillips of Marshall has been promoted to Manager for the facility. She and her family have been involved with the Shelter for several years and she is familiar with its operation and needs. She was hired as an Animal Shelter Assistant in June, and has now promoted to Manager. Danita has many talents and abilities to offer, and we're anxious to see what new improvements she will bring...

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