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Many new herbicides will be on the market this year

Posted Monday, December 27, 2010, at 2:36 PM

There are numerous changes in herbicides for corn and soybeans. Following is a brief description of herbicide and herbicide combinations for corn and soybeans for 2011.

Corn Herbicides:

Callisto Xtra [atrazine (3.2 lb ai/gal) + mesotrione (0.5 lb ai/gal)] is a new premix of atrazine and Callisto from Syngenta. It is labeled for post emergence application in field corn, seed corn, silage, sweetcorn, popcorn (yellow), and sugarcane. It can be applied to corn up to 12 inches tall.

Prequel [rimsulfuron (15%) + isoxaflutole (30%)] is a new premix herbicide from DuPont for preemergence use in field corn. Prequel will provide residual broadleaf and grass control in a planned two-pass herbicide program.

TripleFLEX [acetochlor (3.75 lb ai/gal) + clopyralid (0.38 lb ai/gal) + flumetsulam (0.12 lb ai/gal)] is a premix from Monsanto for preemergence use in field corn and silage. TripleFLEX can be applied from 30 days prelant to early post emergence (11-inch corn or 2-inch weeds). TrpleFLEX controls both broadleaf and grass weeds and is designed for use in a planned two-pass herbicide program.

Soybean Herbicides

Authority XL [sulfentrazone (62.22%) + chlorimuron (7.78%)] is a new premix from FMC. It can be applied burndown (fall or spring), preplant, or preemergence for residual broadleaf control in soybean.

Herbicides labeled for use in multiple crops

Pyroxasulfone is a new herbicide active ingredient that will first be marketed in Fierce herbicide. It is a preemergence, seedling growth inhibitor that can be expected to perform and control a similar weed spectrum as with other seedling growth inhibitors such as metolachlor, acetochlor, and dimethenamid-P.

Fierce[flumioxazin (33.5%) + pyroxasulfone (42.5%)] is a new premix from Valent for preemergence control of broadleaf and grass weeds. It will be labeled for use in soybeans, and no-till and minimum till corn.

Solida [rimsulfuron (25%)] is a new rimsulfuron product from Cheminova labeled for preemergence and postemergence use in field corn, potatoes, and a number of other crops and sites.

Verdict [saflufenacil (0.57 lb ai/gal) + dimethenamid-P (5.0 lb ai/gal)]. BASF marketed this combination as Integrity in the 2009 and 2010 cropping seasons. The Verdict label will require the use of an MSO plus AMS or UAN for optimum performance in burndown applications. In addition to field corn, popcorn, and sorghum, use in soybeans has been added to the Verdict label.

Warrant [acetochlor (3.0 lb ai/gal)] is an encapsulated acetochlor formulation form Monsanto for postemergence use in soybean and cotton. It also has a supplemental label for postemergence application in corn up to 30 inches.

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