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Weed resistance still increasing (03/11/15)

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More farmers adding sulfur to soil (02/07/13)

Fungicides can help with protection (01/31/13)

Fungicides can help with protection (01/31/13)

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Bt resistant rootworms starting to show up in surrounding states (12/19/12)

Sample for SCN before picking out 2013 seed (10/23/12)

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New traits available for 2013 seed (09/27/12)

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Getting to 300 per bushels per acre (01/03/12)

Managing volunteer corn may be a problem in 2012 (12/27/11)

Palmer amaranth can cause considerable yield reduction (12/20/11)

Flooded field syndrome could be an issue in 2012 (12/13/11)

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Check grain bins for insect infestation (11/30/11)

Selecting the right seed (11/14/11)

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New traits coming from seed companies will help with moisture, fertilization and chemicals (10/31/11)

Some old solutions to new weed-control problems (10/24/11)

Dry weather can affect results of early fall soil tests (10/17/11)

There are several considerations when applying fertilizer in the fall (10/03/11)

Use your time in combine seat to scout fields (09/19/11)

Managing corn stover with Fall nitrogen applications (09/16/11)

Carefully check for drought-stressed corn (08/29/11)

Soybean podworms can strip field quickly (08/22/11)

What is causing yellow flash in soybeans? (08/17/11)

Hot, dry weather always a concern (08/09/11)

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Fescue - New beneficial endophytes coming soon (07/20/11)

It is time to consider applying fungicide (07/13/11)

Japanese beetles found in area traps (07/05/11)

Japanese Beetles are showing up in local traps (06/29/11)

Current maps show area not at risk for nitrogen losses in corn (06/22/11)

Cutworms showing up in area corn and soybeans (06/13/11)

Recent cold snap ideal for corn diseases (06/06/11)

Early insects may start showing up in corn (05/27/11)

Early planted corn still a concern (05/16/11)

Insects starting to show up in area fields (05/09/11)

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Refuge requirements change for Bt corn (03/14/11)

Pigweed is proving to be stubborn weed (03/09/11)

The good, bad and the ugly for corn planting season (02/21/11)

Podworm infestations in soybeans may be a cause for concern in 2011 (02/14/11)

Early Season Weed Management (01/31/11)

Strip-till practices being researched (01/24/11)

Sudden Death Syndrome always a concern in soybeans (01/17/11)

Today's better air quality means sulfur levels in fields are lower (01/10/11)

Know what you are getting when buying seed treatments (01/03/11)

Many new herbicides will be on the market this year (12/27/10)

Take care when using and storing poly tanks on the farm (12/20/10)

Seed choices are multiplying, becoming more complicated (12/17/10)

New invention may help control soybean cyst nematode (12/06/10)

Frogeye Leafspot may become resistant to fungicides (11/29/10)

Simple strategies may help in buying fertilizer (11/26/10)

Corn nematodes are becoming a problem (11/16/10)

And you thought Asian ladybird beetles were bad (11/12/10)

It's a good time to adjust fertilizer for higher yields (11/01/10)

Just when you thought all the pests were done with your crop... (09/13/10)

Check corn stalks for ability to stand this fall (09/08/10)

New pest may cause damage to area soybeans (08/30/10)

Great opportunity to analyze your 2010 nitrogen program (08/27/10)

Diplodia showing up in some area cornfields (08/09/10)

Crops growing well despite soggy start (08/02/10)

Soggy fields can cause a variety of diseases (07/26/10) 1

As our local University of Missouri Agronomy Extension Specialist, Crook has been writing a column for the print edition Agriculture page for the past three years and we will now be sharing it on our web version. Crook has a bachelor and masters degree in agronomy from University of Missouri and received his doctorate in Agronomy from Kansas State University. He was in soybean variety development research for 22 years for various seed companies and has been Saline County's agronomy specialist for 10 years.
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