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Mother of the groom and the blizzard wedding

Posted Friday, January 4, 2013, at 1:11 PM

Steve Butterfield and his bride, Melanie Booth Butterfield, on their blizzardy wedding day in 1979. (Contributed photo)
Guest Columnist

We've all heard stories about Father of the Bride, but no one ever told a story about Mother of the Groom.

Until now -- and I'm going to tell you my story of the day my first born

son, Steve, was married.

When Steve and Melanie wanted to marry, they came to us to tell us their news. We were delighted.

From the first day we met Melanie, we just knew she was THE girl for Steve. And, we were so pleased hey wanted to be married in the family home place, The Jefferson House.

It was the dead of winter, January. We had just finished restoring the home place. We invited our family and friends. We borrowed chairs from the church and had them arranged in a circle in the living room.

Melanie had a bouquet of flowers for them all that she would give them.

I had greenery, ribbons and candles on the stair case that Melanie would walk down, just as my mother did many years ago.

The table in the dining room was adorned with a linen table cloth, mirror tiles, greenery and candles around the punch bowl. The leaded glass windows over the buffet filled with food looked lovely.

January 12th, the snow started falling. It snowed ALL night long. About 5:00 in the morning the phone started ringing. All the family and friends could not come. It was a blizzard!

January 13th, 1979. It was a winter wonderland. A sight to behold. Do you think anything like a blizzard could keep our happy couple from getting married? Well, maybe. Melanie forget her shoes that matched the beautiful wedding dress she had designed and made.

I found her upstairs just moments away from the wedding vows, crying.

"I don't have my shoes!" I told her, "don't worry Dick will go and get them for you."

"Oh! No! The weather is too bad."

So, I took off my shoes and gave them to her, "Wear mine."

I put my snow boots back on. Who cared what kind of shoes the mother of the groom had on?

All we cared about was that beautiful girl who was to become a member of our family wearing her beautiful dress and my shoes.

OK, you have heard, I'll give the shirt off my back? I gave my new beloved daughter/friend the shoes off my feet. And, I'd do it all over again.

So, my husband, the father of the groom, put chains on the car, picked up the minister, Reverend Arnold Burns, my Mother, our son, Rick, and the ceremony began.

Melanie, walking down the stairs, was a beautiful bride. My son, Steve, waiting at the foot of the stairs for her, my baby boy, was just beaming with happiness.

For all of you mothers of the groom, you know the emotions that run through your mind. There he is, that baby boy, without a doubt the most beautiful baby ever born, and you held him in your arms, who you knew would be the best friend you ever had. And, to this day, he is my best friend.

That son you watched go off to first grade, that kid you laughed and had so much fun with all those growing up years.

And before you knew it that young man you watched grow up go to college. Now, to become a married man.

I sat there listening to my son promise to love and honor Melanie all the days of his life and you know what?

Thirty-four years later they are still the sweethearts they were on that day of the blizzard.

On the buffet, there was enough food for 25 people. It went to the freezer as the thing we all enjoyed the most with our glasses of champage raised in a toast for life long happiness.

MMMM, the champagne was so good we were filled with happiness, or was it living in a winter wonderland?

And, they all lived happily ever after in spite of being married in a blizzard.

A dream come true for every mother of sons. A wife who loves your son as much as you do.

Let it snow, let it snow, but the fire is so delightful and I have my love to keep me warm.

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