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Picnics in the park

Posted Monday, October 1, 2012, at 2:00 PM

Guest Columnist

When we were kids growing up in Marshall during the late 1930s, 40s and 50s, we had to make our own entertainment that didn't cost much money.

We were so fortunate to have the Indian Foothills Park with a swimming pool!

My mother taught swimming, which was unusual for women in those days, but Mother was an unusual woman.

So, my older brother, Billy, and my younger brother, Roger, and I could swim before we could walk.

When we got older, every hot summer day Mother would take us to the swimming pool when it opened at 1:00, and we spent a lot of happy days at the pool. Mother would come and get us at 5:00 when she left her real estate office.

She would drive up, honk her horn, and you know what we did?

We hid -- as we sure didn't want to leave even after swimming all day. Kids never get tired. But, finally we had to go home, eat dinner and then Mother would say, "let's go swimming."

So, off we would go and swim under the stars -- memories of such good times. And sleep like a child.

The best times we thought were on the weekend. "Let's have a picnic!" we would ask Mother.

Do you know how much work a picnic was in those days? It wasn't peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Mother would fry chicken, make her famous potato salad, lemonade and chocolate cake.

Lets go swimming and have a picnic!

Picnic Potato Salad

Peel, cube and cook a lot of potatoes (depending on the crowd) Add chopped onions, hard boiled eggs (probably about five) sweet pickle relish.

Now here is Mother's secret. She always put mayonnaise on the potato salad, but one day she didn't have enough mayonnaise, so being the inventive cook she was, she added French Dressing. She mixed the mayo and French dressing and mixed it into the potato salad. Sprinkled some Paprika on top and let me tell you, this was the best potato salad we ever ate. Try it -- you'll love it.

And, go have a picnic ... pass the potato salad, please.

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We ALWAYS had a watermelon and/or cantelope for desert !!!! UMMM-UMM :)

-- Posted by azchapman on Mon, Jan 7, 2013, at 11:43 AM

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