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When life was simple and safe and The Ouija Board told what the future would hold

Posted Wednesday, August 3, 2011, at 4:35 PM

Guest Columnist

When I was a child growing up in Marshall, life was predictable.

You got up in the morning, went downstairs to the kitchen to eat your oatmeal, toast and jelly, drink your orange juice and go to school.

Your parents hugged and kissed you and told you to have a good day.

So, we did what we were told. We did our lessons, we played at recess, the boys chased the girls, we giggled, we sat on the swings to see how high we could go.

This was grade school. So predictable.

Then, before we knew it, we were in junior high, a whole new world.

Did those of us going to Eastwood School know there were other schools with other kids we were about to meet!

It was an exciting time.

We had lockers, we had gym suits with our names our mothers embroidered on the back. And you just hoped you didn't have to play dodge ball.

You got to walk uptown to the Alpha Cafe and eat Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches for lunch, or go to Joan Murphys for a hamburger. We didn't have a cafeteria back then.

We had dances in the gym. The boys stood on one side, the girls on the other and each of us hoping someone would ask us to dance -- and hope you didn't get your foot stepped on.

Then, about this time something magic and unpredictable entered our lives. Something none of us in our wildest dreams ever thought of.

The Ouija Board!

From out of nowhere came this board game that COULD PREDICT YOUR FUTURE!

Now none of us have ever in our wildest dreams could imagine this! But, now, this magic board was in our hands!

We sat around this magic board and would rub our hands to get the magic flowing, put our finger tips on the Ouija Board and ask a question.

Now, these were not just any questions, but questions of the most importance to us at the age of 16.

"Magic Ouija Board, will my boyfriend ask me to the Prom? Will I pass the math test on Tuesday? Does my girlfriend really like me? Will a new boyfriend (we ask a lot of questions about boyfriends and you know what, I'll bet those boys sitting around their Ouija Board ask tje same question: Does she really like me?).

Now, I know you are thinking how silly we were, but let me tell you, with our finger tips on the Ouija Board, all of a sudden, it started moving.

YES, it really did, and we didn't have any control over this magic board.

It would slowly guide across the board, either to a yes, or the dreaded NO, or spell out a name, or a date. Slowly it would spell out your answer and determine your fate for the future.

Now these were not mundane questions we asked. They were of the utmost importance.

"Tell me Ouija, should I wear my red dress or green dress to the dance? Will my boyfriend kiss me? Will my boyfriend bring me flowers?"

Back in those days, (a sign of getting older) we believed in things like magic. I'll bet that is why we were so happy and carefree.

After all, if you can put your finger tips on a magic board and it will tell you your future, what's to worry about?

From now on, I have no worries, my Ouija board will guide and direct me.

YES, it spelled out, you will pass your math test. YES, your boyfriend really likes you.

Forget your troubles, come on, get happy ...

We should all believe in magic, the magic and joy of living and having fun.

Oh, Ouija, guide and direct me.

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Only Jesus Christ can guide and direct you every day. I feel sorry for anybody that puts their life in the hands of a board.

-- Posted by jonesbbfans on Sun, Aug 7, 2011, at 9:03 PM

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